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Mai Kai, Manchester, NH (restaurant) *Extinct*

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Name:Mai Kai
Street:1299 Elm Street

Who knew there was a Mai Kai right here in Manchester just a few years ago!! It was owned by Peter Yee, who also owned another Mai Kai out at Hampton Beach. Alas, both facilities closed in 1985. The MaiKai that was in Manchester is now the "Uptown Pub". Supposedly it's very popular. Who knew!!

Update! Alright so today 4-23 at around 10:30 I decided to venture to the Uptown Tavern a few yards away. It's actually very run down in itself. The sign for the Tavern still looks like it was once a Chinese restaurant. The top of the sign looks like the top of a Pagoda. The walls and outside beams are all made of wood and still looks very Chinese/Polynesian-esque. One window is broken and looks like someone threw a rock at it. It's very sad. Once a cool restaurant, is now a run-down pub. Go figure.

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An image of the Mai kai found on the web. I wish it was a better image. You can make out a large village mural in the upper left hand image and what may be another lighted mural to the left of the first. Ceramic tile dividers a couples of spears and a Tiki or two. Any one have some more info?

Here's a mug from Jpmartdogs collection from the Hampton Beach location.

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Trav - here are some larger scans from 2 postcards I have of the Manchester Mai Kai:


I want to know what is on the left of this image. What's this carving????

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