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Tiki's, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (bar)

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Street:Hartmansstraat 16a
Zip:3063 HA
country:The Netherlands

Medium sized bar that also sells small foods.
Website: http://www.tikis.nl

[ Edited by: Tiki Rotterdam 2007-04-24 08:19 ]


I'll be in town for the Primitive Weekender on June 20-23rd. I would love to stop in. What are your hours of operation?

We open at about 14.00 hours until 2.00 hour in weekends, maybe we will open a bit earlier, just for the festival.
We are quite close to the Waterfront and you will meet many fellow primitives at Tiki's.

On 2007-04-24 11:11, thejab wrote:
I'll be in town for the Primitive Weekender on June 20-23rd. I would love to stop in. What are your hours of operation?


Definitely drop by Tiki's. The folks there are great and it's a very fun bar. Jeroen, the owner, is super nice too:

Also make sure to visit Tin Tin's Latin Jazz Cigar Bar:

Rotterdam's a cool town.


Thanks for the tips Chris! I'll also be in Amsterdam for a few days before the festival, so if you have any more recommendations send me a PM.


Yep, I went there for the first time last week during Primitive, and it's a very fine place! Good thing I will be moving to Rotterdam and within walking distance from Tiki's next month! :)


I had a great time at the Tiki's on Thursday before the Primitive show, and especially on Sunday for the post-Primitive party with the great DJs Dirk Ungawa and Dave, Spanish hula AND belly dancer Nocturna, and burlesque go-go dancer Mata Kari. I loved the decor with lots of good clutter to gaze at in a drunken stupor after being up until dawn for 3 nights. The Mai Tai, although not the original Trader Vic's recipe, was excellent and the hamburger was superb. Lastly, everyone was very friendly which made for a fun atmosphere. I have some pics I will post tomorrow.

I also visited Tin Tin's Cigar Bar (thanks Tiki Chris) and enjoyed a fine Cuban cigar, some Ron Palma Mulata Cuban rum, and an excellent dacquiri and mojito made with Havana Club. The owner David was a great host - he played some Cuban group vocal music from the 60s for me and gave me tips on places to go to in Havana.

On 2007-06-27 12:44, thejab wrote:
I had a great time at the Tiki's ... I also visited Tin Tin's Cigar Bar (thanks Tiki Chris) ...

So glad you had a good time at Tiki's and that you got to go to Tin Tin's. Tiki's/Tin Tin's is a combo that's hard to beat. I'm dying to go back to Rotterdam.

Here are some more pics from Tin Tin's:

We just got back from Rotterdam. It was the last night of a 2,000+ mile roadtrip to Sweden for a car meeting. My '63 Mercury Comet behaved beautifully all the way... but that's another story... We also went to Trader Vics in Hamburg, where we overnighted the night before.

Here's some pics taken at Tiki's last night. Twenty-two cocktails were drunk between the six of us but the rosy skin tones are mainly sunburn from the roadtrip! Great food and a warm welcome.


I was in Amsterdam in August of 2008 for work. I luckily managed to get an evening off and hopped a train for Rotterdam. A quick taxi ride from the station found me standing in front of Tiki's.

I got the feeling that not too many people order tiki drinks since I specifically had to ask for the tropical drinks menu and they had to do a bit of research while making it.

The bartender told me they don't have many tiki mugs left as most of them have been pinched since they opened. I donated my Flame Manchu mug to the bar so they'd have one more on display (you can see in it the photo).

I was only able to stay for an hour to avoid missing my train back but I'm glad I made the journey. The staff was nice and the locals were very friendly and chatty. Everyone seemed interested in my tiki hobby. I hope to someday make a return trip and spend more time there.

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Zeta posted on Sat, Jun 12, 2010 8:37 PM

fez monkey, you are everywhere!

I think it's time for an update! I went into their website and the place looks very alive.
Tiki Rotterdam, do you have a napkin, postcard, swizzle, matches or any memorabilia from your establishment? If so, please show it to us tikiphiles and collectors. Also, could you tell us details about your bar? Why you started it? Any more Tiki in Holland?

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