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Emperor Garden, Mohegan Lake, NY (restaurant)

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Name:Emperor Garden
Street:3161 Eaast Main Street
City:Mohegan Lake
Phone:914 538 5588

Chinese Resturant, A tiki - plastic form old chinese resturant style out front - LOTS OF BAMBOO booths, inside no tikis, Mirrored walls with Panda mural, fish tank, small bar with booth and stools, MANY TIKI OMC style bowls large and small. Good Mai Tai - red - not served in tiki mug. Fast friendly Service, VERY clean!!! Food great, drink good - I only had one. Saw asst'd tiki mugs and bowls - check menu inside pics. This is not a place you need to go out of your way for - but if you find yourself in northern Westchester county and are hungry and thirsty then stop in.

some pics from the visit:


promising drink menu:

Mai tai soft focus

booth with 2 yr old for size ref:

some tapa - they have a bunch all over the bar:

bamboo light - hangs in all the booths:


tiki - if you call it that..

outside view - in all its glory - theres a Walmart nearby and movie theatre and
99 cent store - oh yeah liquor store too!

and fun take out menu - I'm going back for some Pu pu platters..

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