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Malibu Castle Golf, Redondo Beach, CA (other)

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Name:Malibu Castle Golf
Street:2410 Marine Ave ,
City:Redondo Beach

I was driving southbound on the 405 freeway between Rosecrans exit and Inglewood ave. exits when I saw an A-Frame building sitting up on a hill, that I have never seen before from the freeway. I travel that freeway heavily, and saw this for the first time. The miniature golf park was bought out by Mulligan's family entertainment centers, but they have done nothing with the property since. So I got off the freeway and took a trip into a fenced off dirt parking lot.There was however a knocked down gate laying over the road, so I carefully drove over it and into the once happening miniature golf course. Vandals have hit it pretty hard, and it looks like it may have served for some illegal parties due to all the grafitti and empty/broken beer bottles. Its been defunct now for about 4 years and this place will not be here much longer.


Here are a few pics I took...

Wow, great shots...sad to see such a place on it's last legs.

Thanks for posting


Man that sucks! I've played on that course. It was pretty cool. The castle that used to be in the middle of the whole thing was full of video games,pinball, skeeball,yno,all that stuff. It also had one of the early cement water slides. Later replaced by a fiberglass[?] one. Wonder WTF they are gonna do widit??........Remy

I wanna live in that hut,


Here it is on July 9, 2011, The windmill caught my attention, after spotting the sign on Marine Ave.


Creative housing in Los Angles: With the Manhattan Beach Green line station and Northrop Grumman in the background an abandonded miniature golf course putting trap structure serves as a domicile

Man, talk about haunting images! So sad to see the place sitting there getting vandalized like that.

more images in the works. Last I went I met the current resident of the Tiki hut; there are also a couple of squatters in tents near skull rock:

I for one don't need to see any more of this place in its current state. Flattening it to the ground would do it a favor, or is this Redondo Beach's idea of affordable housing? Does anyone have any photos of Malibu Castle Golf when it was open?

I couldn't find any pics of the site in it's heyday, but I did find a blog with some info about what it used to be like.


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