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San Francisco--TIKI IN THE MOVIES--Film Noir at the Castro Theatre

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I would've put this in Beyond Tiki, but there's a specific tiki reference I didn't want anyone to miss--

The Castro Theatre is hosting a two week Film Noir Festival, Noir City, starting last night. All the films chosen were set and often filmed in San Francisco, circa 40's and 50's. Monday's show is especially interesting as it features "Where Danger Lives" (1949), in which the characters "cross the bridge to visit a Tiki lounge based on the old Trader Vic's," according to the Chronicle. It stars Bob Mitchum and Faith Domergue, and shows at 9:10 p.m. this upcoming Monday, January 20th. Double feature is "Out of the Past," a classic must-see, at 7:00. Have fun! and see Beyond Tiki for full schedule and showtimes...


See the thread "tiki bar in old movie" for my discussion of "Where Danger Lives". I think the tiki bar they go to was on San Pablo Ave.

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