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Trade Winds Motel, San Diego, CA (motel)

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Name:Trade Winds Motel
Street:4305 Mission Bay Dr
City:San Diego

This little motel always makes me smile when I drive by. Originally, the street it was on was US 101, Pacific Coast Highway and this would have been one of those great little roadside motels for visitors who wanted to go to the beach, but not pay the higher prices of beach side hotels.

Recently, the motel was repainted, which is a relief because the cool palm tree sign was starting to get a bit ragged looking. Never stayed here (I live in SD so why would I stay in a hotel?), so I don't know anything about the quality of the rooms or service. And it's very close to not only the busy Mission Bay Drive, but Interstate 5 as well so there might be a lot of noise for the light sleeper.

If you go to this link below and scroll down, you can see a photo of the marquee sign:


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