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The Feb. '03 issue of International Tattoo magazine has about 4 photos of tiki tattoos. See page 42 or so. They are kind of cartoony looking, like a purple moai with wheels on it and a purple Ku. I was pleased to see tikis in ink, however.

My wife was doing some shopping at a local shop recently (The Black)...o.b.seagull is probably familiar with this place...right? She ran across a little box called "South Seas Polynesian Body Art". This is temporary tattoo skin transferes, but they look really cool. Stuff like tapa patterned sea turtles, ancient tribal masks, etc. They're kinda small, probably for kids (duh, do ya think?) I know this is basically nothing but costume jewelry, but it's nice to see this it out on the shelves.

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Screw the 'temporary' polynesian ink!

My left arm, from elbow to above my shoulder is solid with Marquesian-style ink done by Jeramiah at HB Tattoo.

If your serious about tiki, commit!

(Mine is temporary too, as soon as I'm gone, so is it)

'A thing of Tiki is a joy forever'

Celebrate 'International Tiki Day' the second Saturday in August!

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I got Tribal Ink done by the master himself, Leo Zuluetta(he started the influx of Borneo(sp?) Tribal tats in the u.s.). I traded him an airbrush for my left ankle and a compressor for my right ankle back in 1980. We used to build model cars together. Last time I heard he was in Hollywood and is like 5k an hour. Crazy!


Here's mine:

And a group of different ones I found on the web:

Hey Tiki Bong and Rev Bamboo Ben, can you post photos of your tattoos so we can admire them? Same goes for all other inked tiki folk. Photos please!


Come on out to Tik Oasis and view for yourself!

Besides I don't believe in having pictures taken of myself as I believe it takes my soul, and I'm just a lazy sum a bitch!


Here's my tat's, not tiki, but hawaiian polynesian.

close up of my back

close upof arm

A Leo Zuluetta tattoo your one lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky, lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky, lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky, lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky,lucky, lucky, bastard revbambooben.

I wonder if the tiki revival has anything to do with the influance of tribal tattoos in the nineties?

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Just got the latest editon of Juxtapoz and saw an ad for "Th'ink Tank" in Denver. A couple of the artist had different versions of hula girls, but then I checked out Scottie DeVille's portfolio and saw the following:

Wow! Those are cool. I wonder what they will look like in a few years from now? My ankles were bold black and now blue. My Bud label on bicept is now non-legible. My heart with "Pes true sculp cher" is semi gone. Even my son's name Jack (in Sex Pistols ransom letters) is faded and it's only 7 years old! Just a warning to all of you who are going to get tat's. If you love the sun, for get about it!


Hey Hula Hula, I remember reading an article about the guy who supposedly designed the one you have on your back. He went on about how the different symbols and characters represented his daughters and whatnot. Have you heard this? He was a haole guy living on Maui I think. I've seen the tat on couple different folks.


the turtle dagger on my back is designed by luckyfish tattoo in santa barbara, she was just feature in skin ink last month. She mainly does celetic work but also dabbles in polynesian stuff too. The design goes waaaay back, Honu or sea turtles we're 'aumakua (spritual guides/ancestors) to differnt families, actually many diferent things are 'aumakua's i.e owls, fish, sharks , rocks,opihi, whateva your family reconized of a deceased family member and gaurdian. The dagger style portaryed protection, so a fuse of these be it my honu or sharks are comman. I neva read the artcle you saw but if the guy when design something similar, it was taken from an aceint polynesian designs.


Here's an Uke I got in Kona last May. Still looks scaby in this pic, it was still healing. At top you can see part of my tiki, which I'll post (when i can find a damn picture of it somewhere!)


And here's the rest of me:

Ok, wishful thinking, but my arms are at least almost covered!


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