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Some TV Tiki Spottings - probably old news for most of you

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I have been spotting some Tikis on TV recently, so I thought I would share, although I'm pretty sure most of you know these already:

  1. Boogie Nights - Burt Reynolds' character has a poolside bar with plastic Moai lights hangins from the roof.
  2. Beverly Hills 90210 (I watched it only after my wife told me it had TIkis) - They do a fashion shoot on the beach and the props are a few big styrofoam Tikis that keep blowing in the wind.
    3.Video Clip - Smash Mouth - Walking on the Sun - has some very nice big Tikis that look suspiciously like Oceanic Arts "for rent" items...It's not hard to spot Leroy's excellent work. Nice Hot Rods in the clip, also.
  3. Some arabic dubbed vacation destination show (probably an american show from the late 80's or early 90's) - featuring Hawaii. Some big Tikis no mention of them in the voice over, though.

That's off the top of my head..


That reminds me that in the movie Blast From The Past starring Brendan Frazer and Alicia Silverstone, there is a scene where this bum who lives in an abandoned store is hanging plastic moai lights to create a "shrine" type atmosphere.

Okay...you REALLY have to look for this one, but in a recent Pepsi / Lays commercial you'll see a lone tiki mug on a center table where 4 guys are 'uncomfortably' watching a football game together and trying not to have any physical contact.

They will probably be playing the hell out of this commercial all weekend long.

Happy hunting!


Oh yeah, I guess I'll have to break out my old taped episodes of 90210. Hey, my ex-wife made me watch them...!

[ Edited by: the75stingray on 2003-01-24 08:08 ]

on celebrity Mole, in Hawai'i, Corbin Bernsen was drinking from a Tiki Mug at dinner.

Thank you, Drive thru

75stingray, I love that commercial and now I'll look a little closer to catch that tiki mug. thanks, JungleTraderVic

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