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Tiki sightings in Mall

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A new store opened up at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall called "Inland Surf Shop" and the store front has two large Mai Tiki tikis (not wood carved -- these look like stone but are some sort of molded material) as well as a giant flaming MaiTiki in the window! It had one of those fake flame lamps in the mouth and eyes and one on the top of its head.

Pretty cool to see a little tropical oasis amongst the Gaps and Chick-Fil-As you usually find.

There are two Mai Tikis carved from palms in a mall here in Milwaukee, WI (Mayfair)... they are in the front window of a swimwear shop named Pacific Sunwear...

I almost went in and raised hell around Christmas time... they had put dumb santa hats on them and fake beards... I'm sure one of the employees had bad luck from defacing the tikis!

At The Block in Orange, CA there used to be a Ron Jon Cafe that had something like 4 Mai Tiki poles used as a barricade for the outdoor dining area. However, this was very short-lived as the Cafe closed about a year or two later. Not sure what happened to the tikis...

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