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Official launch of the Hukilau 2003 site!

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Well folks, the Hukilau 2003 site is finally up! http://www.TheHukilau.com There's lots of info up there so be sure to check out everything. If you've already made your reservations please go to the reservations page and fill out the short form on the site to let the organizers know a little bit about your plans.

Tiki Farm has joined forces with Hukilau to bring you this years mug designed by Shag himself. The run will be a limited edition, available first to Hukilau attendees and limit one per guest at a great price! Shag is working on the design as we speak and should have it ready in February or March. We will post the design on the site and to Tiki Central as soon as we get it.

Remember, it's free to make a reservation so do it now before it's too late!

Yee-Haw & Aloha,

The World of Tiki Kiliki

[ Edited by: tiki_kiliki on 2003-01-19 19:21 ]

The site looks fantastic, and the events and participants sound superb. Thanks Tiki Kiliki and Swanky for organizing this.


Thanks Tristan & Bre-elle for doing so much of it. These Florida guys lit a fire under us and along with Geoff, we realized we had to move it to the Mai Kai. And so far, the Florida tiki-philes are being very supportive.

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