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Hawaiian Bills Pau Hana Grill, Palm Springs, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Hawaiian Bills Pau Hana Grill
Street:411 East Palm Canyon Drive
City:Palm Springs

"Hawaiian Bill's is the reincarnation of the Reef Bar at the Caliente Tropics hotel in Palm Springs. The Reef Bar had been remodeled by Bamboo Ben when it was still operated by the hotel; unfortunately at that time, it was only open on the week-ends after 5:00. In 2006, the bar was transferred to independent owners, and the name was changed to Hawaiian Bill's. Traditional Hawaiian food is now served, and live musicians play Hawaiian music on Fridays and Saturdays. Hawaiian Bill's hosts luaus on the third Saturday of the month, except for during Palm Spring's scorching summer months." critiki.com

Here's the best thing; except for Bali Hai in San Diego, there is perhaps no other tiki bar in Southern California that has the type of ambience you achieve when you look out the windows and onto the pool and tiki courtyard of the Caliente Tropics - remember, the San Jacinto Mountain Range is right there in the background - up close.

The bar and restaurant is back with a vengence and is cleaning up rather nicely. The food is outstanding as are many of the drinks. Given the regular luaus and live Hawiaan music, it is important that as many people stop by and share their own thoughts with Bill as possible. Why? The "Reef Bar" is not only historic, it is one of the few places that is being brought back to life after laying on the operating table as it was being pushed to the morgue.

Now, Bill and his partner are planning on opening a second location in the eastern part of the valley. Here is a great opportunity to encourage a new "from the ground up" tiki restaurant based on the real thing. What do you think?

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Check out the website: http://www.hawaiianbills.com

Just a reminder that Mai Tai Monday's is offered every Monday: $3.00 Mai Tai's. O' yeh. And best yet, the Mai Tai's are the same ones offered regularly for $8.50. Bill's also has a special Hawaiian plate for a discounted price on Monday's as well.

For all of you P.S. TC Ohana, I look forward to buying you a Mai Tai and discussing the good life. Look for the tall well-built skinny guy drinking from his own tiki mug - that'll be me. And yes, I'll probably be out on the patio chewing on an Excalibur #1.

So break out the wahines and come on down for the best Monday Mai Tai the desert has to offer.

This is Sandiego Dan, out of this world, and high as a Mai Tai flying a kite in the month of March... Yep, I've had one to many.

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I've been trying to call Hawaiian Bill's to find out their Summer Hours but no one answers. Does anyone know their hours? What days they are open/closed during the summer months??

Just a note: Hawaiian Bill's is finishing up the third week of losing their liquor license. I believe they will get it back next week. Apparently it has been difficult to find competent bar tenders during the summer and a newbie served a young'un who wrecked his car that night and told the police, "Ah..., I think I had too many Mai Tai's at Bill's"

Well, here in the desert, our Howard Hughs want-to-be dried up the well for Bill and from what I understand, dried up business for Bill as well. We'll see if the restaurant gets back on its feet in August. I hope so.

Bill's is back, but I must say that it would be nice if the TC folks who visit let Bill know how critical it is to them that the drink offerings be kept at a level corresponding to the atmoshpere and history of the joint. If you go to their website you can find their email. I've found that they are quick to respond back.

Let's all say it together, "Mai Tai, the best - Out of this world."

And speaking of out of this world, that's where I be now, lapping down my Lemon Hart 151, as I knock off the last of my "shark's tooth while taking my test pilot out for a spin... I am in such a Funk!"

We passed by Bill's on the way out to Phoenix last week only to discover that as of late January they no longer serve any food, and apparently have changed ownership. It sounded like there was some dispute with the health department regarding proper licensing. You can still order food from the Mexican place next door and eat it in Bill's. The decor was great, but the food was certainly not what we had expected.

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