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Tiki Heart Cafe, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany (bar)

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Name:Tiki Heart Cafe
Street:Wienerstrasse 20

This is a Neo-Tiki bar and was recently visited by Mr. Tikibars himself. It is very non-traditional in that it is a cross between bright caribbean colors and a lot Tiki and Tiki-pop clutter. The bar has been open about 3 years. The drinks are good, but have been lightened up a bit to suit the local palate. The owner Lea was very cordial and happy to talk about the bar. Clientèle is eclectic, you can see anything from suits, to punks, to rockabillies. It is recommended that for more traditional cocktails to wait till 5pm when the more experienced bartender (Marco) comes in. Follow-up post will include photos.

Entrance from the street

Walking up the steps and in

The Bar

The back room area

(L to R) Your Hostess Maria and Owner Lea

Want to say that though I didn't have as much time as I would like to have spent there, I had a great time. I would recommend to those in the Berlin to include it in your stops.

Well, it sure ain't the Tabou Tiki...

...but: Support your local Tiki Bar/Cafe whatever!
Here's their Menu cover, we just talked about that design here on TC:

Wonder where they got the images for it from? :D


I just visited Berlin and been to some Tiki locations:

For some I have been far too late unfortunately:

Why did the Tabou Tiki Room disappear? Would love to know about it. So sad I haven´t been able to experience it.

This is what I found in Berlin Kreuzberg - The Tiki Heart Café:

One day later I´ve been to Trader Vic´s Berlin. What a contrast to the Hilton Hotel and the Berlin cityscape.

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