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Follow this logic exercise...

Pirates = Tiki &
Buchanners & Raiders are Pirates...
Superbowl XXXV11 = TIKI!

Another reason to Party, no?

On 2003-01-19 20:42, inkylouise wrote:
Another reason to Party, no?

True...but who needs a REASON to party! :)


Hey Inky,

And as another Tiki Centralite so duly pointed out in another thread, Tiki will be on the sidelines rooting for his brother, Ronde Barber who plays for the Buccaneers!

Go Raiders!



Personnaly I have to go with the Buccaneers.

Its the Florida Gulf coast team and that Tiki NY Giants connection.

Lets see who's gonna walk the plank!


It's gonna be a swashbuckler but come Sunday, the Buccaneers will be the Raiders' wentches for sure! Arrrgh...

Any TC'ers coming to San Diego for Superbowl weekend? Let's get together for a Mai Tai at the Bali Hai. I've checked my calendar & I have this saturday free. I can be at the B.H. in about 25 minutes from my place.

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Hunter S Thompson has said that if the Raiders lose he'll appear on tv muttering an apology with live leeches hanging from his head, so watch out for that.

Trader Woody

That I'd love to see! More reason to root for the Bucs!

Did any body see Conan O'brien on Friday? He did a bit on how to tell the difference between a Raider and a Buccaneer; it was a funny pirate bit, but the Buc ended up gettin shot in the head....I guess it shows what side he's on. Shiver me timbers!

bring on the leeches.

"I was mocked and humiliated, but my actual losses were minor -- unless you see something dark and shameful about appearing in public with healthy working leeches all over your head, and I don't. Leeches can be good for you. They are extremely beneficial in treating wounds to the head, face and lower extremities. They will attach themselves and suck with both mouths for 30 consecutive hours, after which they will bloat up and become useless for the next two months and usually die of loneliness. Right. And that is all the time I can spare for leech research, right now. I will make my appearance, as promised, on either ESPN or the "Conan O'Brien Show" or possibly on the keenly modern Naked News on the Playboy Channel. ... It will not be fake or computer-generated -- although that may not matter at all to a 21st Century audience. We will see."

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Trader Woody

Yeah, I'd have to call that a good old southern 'ass-whoopin.... :). But hey, as California goes, so goes the rest of the country...unless it happens to be elections or football games!

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