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Aloha BBQ Grill, Lubbock, TX (restaurant)

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Name:Aloha BBQ Grill
Street:9810 Indiana Ave. Suite 180

OMG what a wonderful experience! My wahine had lunch with a friend and she told her about this new Hawaiian BBQ joint. When I met up with JuJu she told me about it and we decided to check it out. I was thinking it was probably a BBQ joint that tried to have a Hawaiian flair. I was wrong. I was told the family that ran it was a Japanese-Americans who grew up and raised their family in Hawaii. They had recently moved to (of all places) Lubbock b/c the cost of living in Hawaii was too much for them.

When we arrived the store front brought me down. Plain lettering on the door and a very yellow interior. There was really no polynesian "look" to the place, but learning they just opened I understood they had to make do with what they could afford. We ordered our food and got more than what we could eat for $7 a plate. Oh man I will have them cater my birthday Luau!

The menu consists of Pork, Beef, Chicken and seafood dishes. Such dishes are: Katsu Chicken (and curry variety), Hawaiian BBQ (pork, beef, or chicken), Katsu fish, Loco Moco (Hamburger patties on rice covered with brown gravy and topped with eggs), Kalua Pork w/ cabbage, Musubi (Spam, BBQ Chicken, Katsu Chicken... yes I said Spam), and a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Catering is also available.

Now my personal thought. I understand they are starting out. but being a graphic artist and sign maker I couldn't stand the sight of their store front. I plan on making a CD with images of Trader Vics, the Ports, and a few home bars to inspire them to draw crowds into the aloha spirit. While we were there, three families came in and ALL of them said how wonderful it smelled when they entered. With clientele like that, I'm sure if they spruced the place up like a tiki hut, it may inspire people to follow suit at home. And just think, if it catches on and is sucessful enough to move into a bigger store front, I could definately help usher in a new polyneisan movement out west.

But if anyoneone comes through the area, give me a call and we'll meet for a great meal there at their restaunt. Belive me, it's worth the full stomach!

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