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help! i need info on my gorgeous 5 foot tall vintage tiki

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i have a vintage tiki that flew back with me from america last year that i would love to know more about. for photos and more details please go to


where you will also find snaps of my homemade tiki bar and tiki collection for your viewing pleasure...
look forward to hearing from you
the flying tiki

London, eh?

I'm trying to think of what food you can get there that would still be considered Tiki. Can anyone else name any boiled Tiki food?
Maybe pineapple and kidney pie? Rumaki made with blood sausage? Perhaps Haggis using pig stomach?

I'm just being a wanker. You made a great looking Tiki room! The Tiki idol and mugs are well presented, excellent Tiki atmosphere!

Shelves look awesome. Well made. I bet Liam Gallagher could get in a full on brawl there and not hurt anything except himslelf!

(Big fan of Q Magazine and The Economist.)

Flying Tiki~
Great pictures of your bar. My wife is going to freak when she sees that picture of Tom Jones behind the bar. She LOVES him, and she makes sure that everyone knows that "it's not a sock". (you'd have to be a TJ fan to know what she means). We're seeing him next month in Las Vegas as part of her birthday present, and I do have to admit, the man still has a fantastic voice and the ladies (even 18 to 30 year olds) STILL throw their panties and phone numbers at him.

Welcome to Tiki Central!


Bigbro may have seen it...I'll sure as hell take it off your hands for a fair pound!

Very nice bar! Welcome to Tiki Central. :)

Oh, yeah....ditto that on the bar. That motion light idea is ingenious.

Nice score man! That tiki is cool. Your whole bar set up is very impressive. Congrats!

Erich Troudt

I too am waaaaaay jealous of your Tom Jones cut-out.


Give this site a try. They might have him:


thanks for being so welcoming to this TC virgin!
glad to see there is some other Tom Jones fans out there my girlfriend is delighted. she is one of those infatuated fans who has thrown her knickers at him in vegas and has even managed to kiss him at a album signing in london! but enough of her and her obssession - lets get back to ours. thought you might like some more info on my tiki not that i have much. the woman i bought it from said it belonged to her mother who used to live in san diego. she thought it was at least 30 years old. there is sadly certainly that many years of decay on it. infact when i got it home i discovered some little stowaways that had made the transatlantic trip with us - little tiki termites of unknown origin! our tiki friend is now safe indoors after serving his time in the not so great outdoors and rest assured now free of parasitic intruders...
cheers! the flying tiki


that looks like a milan guanko carving to me.

I can also say that your evil-looking tiki mug in your pics was from a place in england called butlin's beachcomber:


place in england called butlin's beachcomber:

Unless it's the hypothetical "Butlin's South Seas Bar" mug.
Good to see another Brit-tiki fan on this board.

hi fetuhiva
who is milan guanko?
the flyingtiki


On 2003-01-20 14:58, Geeky Tiki wrote:

(Big fan of Q Magazine and The Economist.)

I thought I was the only person to subscribe to both! My whole world view is informed by these two publications. That's why we must go to war with Iraq and The Strokes are the best band in history!

(sarcasm on both counts)


Milan Guanko was a tiki carver from the Philipines that was active during the tiki heyday.

Sven has some info on him in the BOT in the carvers section. He's one of my fave carvers, and I (think) I have one of his tikis here at my pad..

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