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Restaurant Aloha, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:Restaurant Aloha
Street:78 Rue de Martigny O
City:Saint-Jerome, Quebec
Zip:J7Y 2G1

Large restaurant/tiki bar with patio.

I just stumbled upon this place this past weekend while on a road trip through the Laurentians in Quebec. St. Jerome is just outside of Montreal, so if you're already heading to Jardin Tiki in Montreal you may consider doing both. This place is obviously new, but unfortunately was closed until dinner so we weren't actually able to go inside. I did peer in the window though and was able to see that there was indeed a tiki bar inside as well, but can't account for how good it was, drinks, food etc.

Has anybody else been there or know anything about it? I managed to snap a few exterior shots...it looks quite spacious:

That's pretty cool to see another Canadian tiki bar that's been as of yet undiscovered. Thanks for posting the pics.

Closed in late 2014. What a bummer!

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