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Aku Aku Tiki Bar, Oslo, Norway (bar)

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Name:Aku Aku Tiki Bar
Street:Thorvald Meyersgate 33

Stylish neo Tiki Bar, inspired by the classic restaurants, located on the main street of Grunerloekka, Oslo's hippest neighborhood. Great drinks. Room for 50 people plus.

The Akus seem to vanish from the face of the earth at an alarming rate: The Aku Aku in Las Vegas is long gone, The Aku Aku Motor Inn was recently completely de-tikified and Daytona’s Aku Tiki Inn is to meet the wrecking ball.
So you might find some poetic justice or comfort in the fact that local entrepreneur, Jan Vardoen, is bringing it all back home by honoring his fellow Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl’s famous bestseller with a bar in Grunerloekka.

Vardoen has been the mastermind behind many of the recent successes in this vibrant neighbourhood, from bars and restaurants to a deli and a clothing store, keeping the big chains at bay with his trademark personal touch and atmosphere.
The Aku Aku opened in late April and still feels new. Jan and the other owners has built nearly everything themselves, and decorated it with mugs from Tiki Farm and tikis from Oceanic Arts.

Under the roof as you enter is a big outrigger canoe, on loan from the Kon Tiki Museum. The Museum has also provided some totems. Aku Aku has turned into one of Grunerloekkas most popular watering holes in record time, so come early (before 8 o’clock) if you want a place to sit.


Mahalo Oslo,

Will be visitng Oslo next month from Stateside & plan to visit the Aku Aku!!!


You can stop by here while you're at the Oslo airport. Didn't think it qualified for its own post.



Re the Kon Tiki cafeteria at Oslo Airport, it really is about as sexy as a MacDonalds and as "tiki" as a Burger King. Its only claim to tikiness is the use of the name Kon Tiki. I think they chose the name because of our only famous norwegian, Thor Heyerdahl, but that´s rather a sad testament I´d say, to end up being remembered as an airport stop-shop! Mind you, once you´re out of the airport, you can proceed to the Kon Tiki Museum or Aku Aku Tiki Bar.


Nordic Mai Tai's $$$

Getting a buzz on for the Nordic Ohana is an expensive $$$ experience. We just returned from a Denmark/Norway visit & yes, we DID visit the "Aku Aku" in Oslo. Scandinavian bar prices against the US Dollar are well try beers @ $11.00+ & mixed drinks like $18.00+. You see the street bars filled but people were nursing those drinks.


Is this bar still in operation?

I'm visiting Oslo early in September, so a visit to the Kon Tiki Exhibition and a few Tiki Drinks could be in order.

just answering my own query -

This bar is still open for business.

A couple of interior shots....

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