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Will the REAL tiki barber please stand up!!

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Over MLK Jr. weekend OB Seagull and I decided to go to the Hair Hut, in San Diego, Ocean Beach. This is the original Tiki Barber. The shop has been open since the 70's and was originally called the TIKI HUT, it was a woman's salon that played exotica all day. This place has tiki artifacts and old hair dryers, and bunch of other cool stuff.
Ob Seagull and I made up a big batch of Mai Tai's threw on some exotica on the Hi-Fi and hoofed it down to the original Tiki Barber, the HAIR HUT

here is the Tiki Barber herself, Marion, she is real sweet and will talk your ear off

The front of the shop

Cool neon sign palm tree haircut

What's is a barber shop without a nude?

The inside of the front door

OB with Tiki

The kick ass couch

front corner of the shop

Mano Tiki Tia Sippin' and Snippin'

hair dryers

This place is great and if you make an appointment it's only 5 bucks. She has an old Hi-Fi and exotica on 78's. enjoy

thank you , drive thru

[ Edited by: Mano Tiki Tia on 2003-01-23 21:57 ]

i must say that this place is a hidden gem. the original tiki barber has been cutting hair for 30+ years. she is also looking to sell the place. she doesn't want some trendy kook to faux paux it up with crap, or some bitter at the world old guy with a crappy all-state insurance license to screw it up.
SO, if there are any tikiphiles in the area who cut hair and want to authentiki the place, then this place is in a great location. she has plenty of business.

in fact on my first encounter there she said
"i don't need to cut your hair, i have plenty of regulars, you can go somewhere else" this was after the question, "have i cut your hair before?" she needs to retire, but the legacy need to continue

thank you don't drive thru

Aloha ob seagull & Mano Tiki Tia,
Thanks for those great pics. I've probably walked by this place a dozen times, but have never gone in to check it out (probably on my way to Pac Shores or Tony's). Next time I'm in O.B. I will stop in (maybe even get a haircut). I would hate to see it go. One of my neighbors has a makeshift salon set up in her garage and has a pretty steady clientel, she might be interested in buying her own shop. I'll talk to her and see what she thinks.

Shipwreck Joey


Went past the Hair Hut last night (closed) about 6:15 on the way to Qwiigs for pupus & drinks. For some reason I didn't remember it being on Voltaire, I thought it was on Bacon or Newport closer to Winston's. I'll have to go by there this weekend in the daytime when they're open. If the weather's like it was today you'll find me camped on Dog Beach all day tomorrow.


[ Edited by: Shipwreckjoey on 2003-01-31 21:03 ]

GECKO posted on Fri, Jan 31, 2003 9:08 PM

auwiiiiiiie! dat is so CHERRY! drink a mai tai, listen to some exotic tunes and get da fresh cutz all at da same time!!! HO, dats betta den pig betta den poi!

I'm going to visit family in Oceanside in June so I will fo sho get me a cut! Tanks fo posting dat braddahs!!!!! I'm there dude!



n' jump?

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