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2007 Mermaid Parade, Coney Island NY

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It's that time of year again! The first Saturday of the summer brings out all the dregs and seething humanity from their long slumber for the penultimate event of the season..the MERMAID PARADE! This year it's the 25th anniversary. We at Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar & Lounge will once again have a float. This years theme is PIRATES. Pirates are over-exposed, you say? Pirates are sooo last year, you say? Wrong! We're not some fair weathered pirate fans, We pioneered PIRATE-OKE! We celebrated NATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY since we've opened. Our babies were born with peg-legs and hooks for hands, so there!
12 noon
Sat. June 23rd
Surf Avenue by the Cyclone
Coney Island, NY
Come out and march with us or the Warriors will come after you!


Coney Island..what memories, remember it like it was yesterday !!! Everybody packed as tight as sardines in the ole 'Country Squire' the smell of Coppertone ....
The old man getting tank !!!!!

Memories ...Can't buy them !!!

I highly recommend anyone on the east coast to attend this event! it was always a highlight of the summer, and coney is the best!

wish we were there, ride the cyclone at least 3 times in a row for me and eat a big bag of pink popcorn for me!


Hi Inky! Nice to have seen you in Vegas earlier this year. I'll have a Nathan's for you and ride the cyclone a few times for you!

Nicole (Birdgirl) and I will be making the long train ride down to Coney Island this year too. A Nathan's dog and a couple of beverages should make the day complete! See you all there.


Was anyone there? Are there pics to be posted?

Pictures you want, pictures you got...here are some that are relatively appropriate for public consumption...

of course you have to start with a couple of dogs from Nathan's

as well as a nice cold beer

as expected there were the Coney Island freaks...

and even the odd celebrity:

Here's the float from Otto's Shrunken Head (you can see Nell in yellow):

And here are some sea creatures:

a crab:


and the elusive moneyfish:

There were several other floats and marchers, all very creative, but most of which not appropriate for sensitive eyes.....

A great time was had by all.


On 2007-06-24 13:50, leisure master wrote:
Pictures you want, pictures you got...here are some that are relatively appropriate for public consumption...

Thanks for posting those great photos! I had to work and missed it this year.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the event.
How about some tiki mermaid marchers for 2008?


In the pic of our float, you can see next to Nell, sits a treasure chest that was filled with our secret, potent MAI TAIs! We used it to bribe the judges and I think it actually got us a win in a couple of categories!


We win!!!
Thanks to the Scurvy Pirates who performed on our float we won for Best Musical Group and got second place for Best Motorized Float!
Trophy Party at Otto's!


Thanks for the Pics! Looks like a way kewl event!

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