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Name This Tiki?

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My friend Rebecca - a very good friend now! just gave me this fine tiki. It seems to be made out of hard smooth wood and it's rather heavy for its size. Rebecca says it came from an antique store in Portland about 2 years ago.
It's about 3 feet tall and has an inch wide by 2-3 inch long pipe on the bottom. Does anyone recognize it or know anything about it?
Also what shall be his name?

Dang, I wish I could call him "Formikahini's"! (I need a Rebecca in my life!)

Snaggle Tooth

Futura Girl wrote:
It's about 3 feet tall and has an inch wide by 2-3 inch long pipe on the bottom.

Looking at that pipe out of the bottom and seeing it's expression on it's face, maybe it can be placed opposite your toilet...sort of for "inspiration". It's "TOILY" your Toilet Tiki!

Ok, I know that was bad....but funny to me!


I'd name it Lenny. It reminds me of my favorite line from The Simpsons:

Lenny: "ow! My eye! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!"


i'm liking the evil twin brother snaggle tooth!
i went cover to cover through BOT and found nothing similar? has anyone seen this carver's work before? or have an idea of origin? or why a pole in his you know what?

Maybe that pole connected to his lower torso. I say that because those pointy apendages could be arms instead of legs. The wood looks like it could be "Genuine Monkeypod" from Hawaii or the Phillipines. Just a guess. Snaggletooth is a good name for him, too.

*Futura Girl wrote:*why a pole in his you know what?

Well, as smooth as it is, it probably hasn't seen any outside weather. My guess is that it was used in a public place rather than a home, since it's "pole" was most likely attached somewhere either near public pathways (in a restaurant/bar?) or overhead, and the pole was inserted and attached to another solid fixture by a mounting screw. Most likely required by local building codes for public safety.

My unprofessional guess-timation.



"It's about 3 feet tall and has an inch wide by 2-3 inch long pipe on the bottom...Also what shall be his name?"

Hmm, let's see...2-3', a pipe is connected. I know! Oops, "Tiki Bong" is taken.

Seemed a no-brainer, too. That's exactly why I came up with it so easily, it's a "no brainer".


oh no - look at how tall his head is - he has too many brains!


Wait a minute! I saw that tiki panhandling at Pike Place Market a few months ago. He was wheeling around on one of those gurneys, with a sign that read, "Will protect your mana for mai-tais."


A thank you to TikiGreg for a quick memory jog. It was, indeed, Seattle and not portland. I mis-remembered. Any other leads on the carver, history etc.? Sincerely, Rebecca (Tiki benefactress)

Are we sure this Pipe wasn't a Mounting Fixture!?! This fella may have once sat or spun around much as a Windvane atop a Pole of some sort. I mean... Shouldn't each such Pipe get stuck into such a Pole at some point or another?
I like the name JIM. Not for this particular Tiki, perhaps. Just wanted to tell everyone that I like the name JIM.

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