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I'm not sure if this is a point of pride or shame but...

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I went to a friend's B-Day party in Venice last night. Upon arriving I found out that it was a Hawaiian themed party and people were suppossed to wear something Hawaiian. All night people were complimenting the shirt and general oufit I put together for the show. I kept telling people, "The sad thing is that I didn't know this was a Hawaiian themed party, I dress this way regularly."

You've got to be proud

Okay hit the wrong button; (Have a small hangover from a cheap Mai Tai with grenadine in it. Probably Roses) You should be proud Suicide Sam. That is funny.

Sam, you should be proud for sure. I've had a similar experience myself.

When Grease came back to the theater for the 20th anniversary, I went. People thought a dressed up "50's" for the movie....No I look like this everyday. They were slightly unclear on the greaser lifestyle and questioned dressing like that everyday.

Oh well be proud of that hawaiian shirt man.

Notice when its hawaiian shirt day at work your buddies always come to you?

Erich Troudt

You're lucky, actually. I went straight from work to a Halloween Party, once, without having time to change into my costume. I was told several times, before getting to the changing room/bathroom, how damn ugly I truly am.

Suicide Sam,

You're a brother, flying the colors with pride!

It's funny. Fashion trend is like a merry-go-round. We stand next to the merry-go-round in our finest aloha attire. Most times when it stops by us, we don't match. But every occastional so often, it stops, and they're all dressed like us.

It just stresses the need to be true to your roots.

Okole Maluna!

One very nice but dangerous thing My friend had set up at her party was two sparklets bottles filled with Mai Tai. Oy I got drunk and played a few games of grab ass. There's three girls I know who were very mad at me by the end of the night, and one inflatable palm tree, what a night!!!


This is slightly off topic and sort of on topic:

It reminds me of a problem I often have. Where ever I go I seem to belong there. When I go to the museum people ask me for assistance. When I'm out of state (but still in my car with my out of state plates) people ask me for directions. When I go into any store people assome that I work there.

Yesterday while I was working (I'm an EMT and work for an ambulance company) my wife and I (she works with me) stopped at a Big Lots store. Three people asked us if we work there. Never mind that we're both wearing a Blue/navy police style uniform that says Pickaway Plains Ambulance Service all over it and has Emergency Medical Service patches on the sleeves.

I get this all the time. What am I doing wrong?

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