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'South Pacific' D.C. tiki gathering'

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What can I say? Saturday nights South Pacific performance was just fantastic. The dinner and drinks at the Honolulu Restaurant in Alexandria were great as usual. If anyone makes it to the DC area you have to go the Honolulu. They make the best Suffering Bastard and Mia-tai around.

After the show we all headed back to Jared and Kate’s (jtiki) apartment for drinks and to view Jared’s tiki artwork. Great stuff Jared.

Janet and I are looking forward to our next event. Vera's White Sands in Calvert County. If everyone wants I will start to put something together for a weekend trip to Solomon's Island. Also I hope to have a Maryland/DC area web site setup soon so we can post photos and share information.

Once again Janet and I would like to thank Vern and Kirsten, (ikitnrev) Chris and Elizabeth (Suburban Hipster) Jared and Kate (jtiki) Sabina and Mike (Sabina) Matt and Andrea Jeff and Susan for a great time.



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I'm STILL grinning uncontrollably! What a great night! What a great crowd!

Vern, your wisdom and foresight turned an otherwise uneventful Saturday in cold and snowy January into a magical night filled with warm south Pacific breezes- wonderful company, fine mixology, pupus a plenty, and an evening of fine art (made all the more complete by a Maltese Falcon with a fez!)

Who could ask for anything more?!?!?

Honolulu was as always- PERFECT! Simply- perfect!

The production of South Pacific was a real treat- acting/cast, musically and the production as a whole- it was all very well done! For those of you who unable to attend last night's events I will note a detail that brought smiles to some TCers- in the musical; upon leaving Bali-Hai, Luther, like any good 'tourist', snags a large Tiki statue as a souvenir.

Now if I can just figure out how to build some of those palm trees- smaller- for my bar.... :)

Then the get together afterwards, with the warm hospitality of Jared and Kate, (and the very patient kitty) amidst large scowling and grinning maniacally Tikis was excellent! Jared, you've GOT to get some pix of those babies up so people elsewhere can see your GREAT work! Very BIG and appropriately menacing work!

Thank yous to all involved!

Local area TCers are just a fabulous bunch of people to hang out with- all of you- just a great time! We need to do this more often!

So... Vera's?- we all say together in one collective breath :)

Sounds like a great time was had by all...I was watching the clock on Saturday night and feeling like I was really missing out on something important! Hope to see all the local TC'ers soon!


Well, I'm glad the event ended up being a success. I wasn't sure when I bought the group of tickets back in early November if I would find takers for them, so many thanks go to the fellow appreciators of tiki in the DC / Baltimore area for coming through.

A few more of my non-tiki central friends were exposed to the pleasures of the Honolulu Restaurant, the snow and wind stayed away for the day, and we all somehow managed to finish our meals and drinks and make it to the theatre in time for the opening three 'Bali Hai' notes in the overture. The only sad side to the evening was the lack of time for the banana deserts at the Honolulu, and the missing faces of those who were unable to attend.

Thanks especially to Jared and Kate for hosting the after-theatre gathering. Its not everyday that one gets to drink mai-tais, see 'South Pacific,' drink and talk tiki afterwards - and then walk to the car with an original tiki painting under my arms!

and to think the year has only started - visions of Vera's, Hukilau, and many other destinations of tiki are hula dancing through my head.


Thanks Vern for inviting Elizabeth and me. I knew that dinner and Jared's would be fun, but I was surprised just how much I enjoyed South Pacific. Superb production and cast.

Jared and Kate, thank you for hosting us in your home. We really enjoyed ourselves.


There are banana desserts at the Honolulu? Awwww….

I guess everyone has thanked everyone, so I just want to throw one big one on top of everybody. THANK YOU! It was a great evening. Its not often that I get a room full of people to look at my work, let alone not having to explain what “Tiki” is. South Pacific couldn’t have been better.

We should all throw an extra virgin into the volcano in honor of Vern. His foresight is what placed us all, not only in the same room, but in the Bali Hi seats!

Thanks Again,

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