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I have found my salvation

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Thank the Tiki gods that I stumbled upon this site! I live in northern Illinois, and when I tell people that I have a Tiki bar and lounge room in my house, they ask "What is a Tiki?". I new that you all were out here somewhere and I have finally found you. Hope you all don't mind if I stick around for a while.

Your Mai Tai awaits....

Welcome aboard!



aloha! welcome to the addictive world of Tiki Central!

post your pic & take a look at some of us Member photos

show us your bar! Basement Tiki

directions to post pics are in the FAQs

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Regarding: "Hope you all don't mind if I stick around for a while."

Yeah...sure, we need the dues.

From now on your Tiki Central name will be...


Hope you don't have a day job.
Another Mai Tai for our new friend...

Aloha Sliklip, welcome to Tiki Central! :)

How long do we have to wait to irritate the newbies.
O, welcome sliplick er rick er sliplip sorry
Please hang around
If you get by my third grade writing style
their are a bunch of interesting people here.

Welcome SlickLip. JT


Yeah Aloha Slick!


Hey bax when did you graduate to the third grade???

GECKO posted on Mon, Jan 27, 2003 2:08 PM

Aloha braddah Slick,

Eh brah, you da wun dat wen get my Mask & Beachcomber lamp frum ebay? If not, I have good news for ya!!

There's a guy in Chicago that has a great looking tiki bar in his basement. He emailed me pics. He's not a TC member I don't tink. I'll give his email so you guys can hook up fo sum puupus and drinks.



Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll post some pics soon.

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