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Some New Tiki Carvings by ChikiTiki

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On my way to church Sunday morning, I stopped by my friend Danny's (also known here as ChikiTiki) apartment/studio, because frankly, there's nothing that gets me in the mood to worship Jesus Christ like a visit to my favorite pagan-idol carver.

His latest work is really superb. I took some pictures with my digital camera to share with you all. First, there's this very Retro-looking Tiki Table Lamp:

Danny did all of this by hand - the carved palmwood tiki, the tabletop, the wiring for the lamp - even the lampshade. The retro cone-shaped legs are actually hand-wrapped in split rattan. It's really a beautiful piece.

But check this out: The tabletop is hinged. You flip up the front end...

And, voila! It's a sewing basket! I grew up with a seamstress for a mother, so I know a sewing basket when I see one.

I asked Danny where he came up with the brilliant idea to carve a Tiki Sewing Basket and he said, get this, "I thought it would be a good place to hide your hootch".

But it was the way he said it - with such a sensitivity and delicacy, that I could just sense the hidden tailor inside him struggling to get out. I can picture Chikitiki sitting by the television at night, pulling his knitting needles and yarn out of his Tiki Sewing Table and working on a Tapa-patterned afghan. It just makes sense. I mean, that's what I would do, wouldn't you?

Ok. I suppose you could also hide your hootch in it, along with the TV guide and the remote.

Here's another good-sized tiki that he just finished carving:

The photo may look blurry, but actually the tiki is shaking in extreme agitation at being so close to a Born-again Christian.

Here's a view of the back of the same tiki, showing a second face:

I forgot to ask Danny if these pieces are for sale, or if he's displaying them in a store, or taking them to a show. Maybe he could add to this thread and let us know his plans for them.


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GECKO posted on Mon, Jan 27, 2003 5:31 PM

Great job braddah Chiki! I love wen someone adds a little sumting extra to da mix! dats wun nice mix! Creativity!

keep em up cuz!

I agree that Chiki does some killer work. He's definitely an artist with a gift. This past weekend at the Lemoyne Lanai work party we got a sneak peak at some one-off custom glazes of his mugs and they were incredible to say the least!

as good as the photos are, in person is where this guys work shines!, and i didn't see any needles or yarn!.nice job.

That table is a great idea. I like the professional looking labels, too! That's nice, nice stuff.

Afghans or tikis? I'm gonna have to take a long hard look at my life now. Hey there fellas, thanks for the props, and thanks Tim for the pics . The cat's out the bag about my sewing habit. Damn! Oh yeah I will sell these guys eventually, the lamp to somebody local (Socal) and the marquesan, I mount on the back of my suv for a rolling 3-D business card for now.

[ Edited by: thechikitiki on 2003-01-28 09:58 ]

Danny's work is great. I own a 4' tiki, a tiki stool, and a tiki table of his. I always receive complements on his work.

If he wasn't so damn modest, he would bust the tiki scene wide open with his ideas.

I'm just glad to own a few pieces when he was poor and first started - when his only vehicle was a Lexus SUV!

So when are we gonna shoot pool in Lawndale? You know, the Hurricane Bar & Grill. I'll stop by and talk to the owner after we pick a date. Music sellection and drink stuff you know. After that we can head over to the purple orchid.

On 2003-01-28 10:04, thechikitiki wrote:
So when are we gonna shoot pool in Lawndale? You know, the Hurricane Bar & Grill. I'll stop by and talk to the owner after we pick a date. Music sellection and drink stuff you know. After that we can head over to the purple orchid.

Let's set it up! How's about Saturday Feb 8th? That's a week from this Saturday.

Chiki, you should by all means bring some stuff to Hukilau! You could probably pay for your trip with your goods.

Sweeeeeeet Geezus, You are totally raising the bar Chiki. That sewing basket is awesome. I love the "lowrider" brow Thanks for posting up the pics Sabu. All of you carvers amaze me. If I can get my monkey out to Hukilau you better be prepared to get peppered with some carvin' questions. Any chatter of doing a carvin exibition at Hukilau. This could be the chance to do a collaboration betwixt y'all. Or how about a tiki carved by every body. There could be some kind of carvin' Kahuna focusing the energy of the masses into one group project . Heck, charge a buck a minute to help carve the tiki and send the proceeds to The Raise -a- Tiki foundation or too the First annual Tiki Central Surf Contest!
Sometimes I think and dont even feel it.

Chongolio said, "I love the "lowrider" brow", yeah man, when I first saw this thing I told Danny that it looked like the way Chollos wear beanies all the way down to their brows. Danny's a little to humble to post pics of all his stuff but he has been coming up with some really cool stuff lately. Bring cash to Vegas and buy it all up!!!

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