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Custom Tiki Signage!!!!

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Hey everybody -
Check out this link:

This is the new home page for my friends Paul Torrigino & Richard Gutierrez. They are making & selling custom Tiki signage that is really worthy of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. I used to work with them at Walt Disney Imagineering, so I can vouch for their talent. Anyway - the prices on the custom signs are very reasonable - they would look great in anyones lounge or backyard Tiki Garden!
The site is very retro....


The tiki signs look pretty cool. Are they as 'quality' as they look in the pics. If they are, the price is pretty damn good!


I can vouch for the quality - Paul & Richard are very talented artists!. But even if you don't want to buy something - click on the Pariarts world headquarters page:
for a fun tour of their Tiki-fied home!!!
They throw a mean Luau.....


I like the signs, but the house is amazing. They oughta give tours, I'd buy a ticket. Great looking place, what creativity.

And that doesn't even take into account the big guy in his loincloth.

Give my regards to your friends, what a neat home.



Having finally made it to a computer that doesn't wet its keyboard everytime it lands on a site with more than 3 colors I finally got to see the pix of that amazing Tiki house. Thanks for posting the link.


Richard & Paul have great summer Luau parties too! Anyway - buy their stuff & make 'em rich....

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From my limbs, let new life fall..."

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