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Always glad to help from across the pond....

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Got this email from a good friend of mine in London:

You'll be pleased to hear that my 31st birthday celebrations will be sampling the
delights of South London Pacific - the place you recommended...
On your head be it if it's rubbish!

And here was his follow up:

A fantastic place! We must take you there next time you're over.
Not as hardcore Tiki as the place we went to whilst we were in SF for your
wedding but very enjoyable - not too crowded (though busy enough to ensure it
stays open, I hope!) and just a little bit different...

And the management asked me to convey their thanks to you for recommending the
place to us ignorant Londoners!

Just thought I'd share that with y'all.


I love that cool joy (OK, aka smugness, occasionally) that comes with knowing about something great in someone's own town that they didn't know themselves. By the same token, I love being told about something of which I was ignorant in my own!

Please, tell me of a great tiki bar in Houston of which I know nothing!! Please!!

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