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Tiki Tattoo & Body Piercing, Ellensburg, WA (other)

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Name:Tiki Tattoo & Body Piercing
Street:315 North Main Street
Phone:(509) 962-8454

Tattoo parlor in a small A-frame building that looks like it might once have been a tiki restaurant, bar or fast food joint. The guy working at the Hawaiian shave ice kiosk in the parking lot could only tell us that it was a rib joint most recently.

Photos from our "Lost in Paradise" vacation:

Hawaiian shave ice kiosk in the parking lot!

Probably not enough reason by itself to make the 1+ hour trip from Seattle, but if you need an excuse to go, here are two good ones:

The lemon bars at the Dakota Cafe

Dick and Jane's Spot - an amazing folk-art house.

-Sweet Daddy T.
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[ Edited by: Sweet Daddy Tiki 2007-07-29 22:02 ]

On page 3 of his ...Lost in Paradise thread Sweet Daddy Tiki asked "Could this have been a full-fledged tiki establishment in the past?"

Ellensburg is my dad's hometown so I've spent a lot of time there. As I recall this had been a dairy store (connected with a local dairy, I think), then a used car lot, then a barbecue joint. Tiki Tattoo started a few blocks away and moved to this location sometime in the past couple years.

Several years back I dropped in on Tiki Tattoo's original location and talked to the owner. He is a Tiki fan. I told him about Tiki Central, he'd was unaware of it. I've wanted to see if he did anything with the interior of this new location but when I've been in Ellensburg Tiki Tattoo has been closed.

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