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Tahitian Village, Salinas, CA

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Name:Tahitian Village
Street:976 Alisal

Description: Tahitian Village
This is only the second Tiki styled building in Monterey County, but it's a darn good one. The place was built around 1964 and is in fair condition. While the grounds don't have much in the way of Tikis, there is one crudely made Tiki mounted to a ground floor suite. The roofs and eves are what makes it stand out. The bright orange pediment with faux bamboo cross beams probably made it seem like Disney Land when it first opened. The courtyard looks like it had two large sections of landscaping that were later cemented over (typical). There are places on the larger area where the oval shape on the left side is broken by some lines that look like the entrance to a walkway or bridge. I imagine the complex was very beautiful in it's early years.

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Very Cool. The Tiki, the orange....that big cement section could have been a pool, or it was lava rock/waterfall landscaping.
You should investigate, though usually the original owners have moved on, and the current managers have no clue of the original state of things (not to mention photos or other ephemera). But ask one must!

I work for the county assessor's office so I have access to records nobody else has. I don't why I didn't look this one up before I posted. This complex was incredible when it was built. It had a therapeutic pool (spa? advanced for 1964), heated pool, a putting green, saunas, and a large fountain and pond at the corner entrance. Really, it's a shadow of it's former self. None of those amenities exist now. It's large families in small apartments with lots of kids running around. You get the picture. Sigh A sign of our times.


yup.. sad isnt it?

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