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Vacation Island

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Vacation Island is very close to Shelter Island, the Tiki district of San Diego. There is a bar there called the Barefoot Bar. It's not Tiki, but very tropical, lots of palms and bamboo. It's right on Mission Bay and has a great view. To enter you walk on a wooden boardwalk over water with sharks and rays swimming in it. It's pretty cool. When martin and Rebecca were visiting San Diego We took them down, but, the bar was closed due to rain damage. I found this cool backdoor. it is sunk into the landscape, hidden from street level. You walk down a path into a hidden grotto, I found this tiki and warclub handle. This had to be a Tiki bar at one time. It looks like Oceanic Arts to me. Anyone know anything? Sven?.

[ Edited by: Alnshely on 2003-01-29 09:55 ]

The handle is a Marquesan warclub from O.A., yes, but I don't know about the Tiki...

So this is the back of the Barefoot Bar? The Barefoot Bar has been there since th 60s or 70s, but there also was a Don The Beachcomber on Vacation Island, it seems though for a brief period only. I never found out where exactly it was, or if the two were at the same place!
Bosko would know more.

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