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Tiki Room in Progress

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To those who were interested, here are some shots of the new tikiroom going up- the poor mugs have been in those boxes for about 3 years, save for a few I'd break out for display in places I was renting. Other than that they waited in bubblewrap for their final home, under construction now..


Looks awesome!

I was wondering where exactly do you get those wall coverings at?

The thatch I got at ACE bamboo in Orlando on 50' rolls.

The bamboo I got at Safari thatch in Ft. Laud a year or so ago- they will split bamboo for you there, which is important. ACE doesn't split them anymore, which makes going there not worth the trouble as far as bamboo is concerned.

If anyone is going to get materials at ACE or Safari I suggest calling ahead, as both can get low on certain items. I know i bought ACE's last roll of the wide woven stuff.

Thanks for the info. I live near the bay area though so i'll have to keep looking =).

...So you're a Luna fan? Which would maybe mean you're a Galaxy 500 fan, too, like moi?


haha funny you found that- I just saw them tonight in Orlando and also went the night before in WPB.

Check back on the same page again


I also uploaded some mpegs (sound) for a friend who couldnt catch them..

The first time I saw them was in Phoenix in 1991 when the first LP came out.. then they never came back although I have always been a big fan- I have waited for 12 friggin years to catch them again, and until this week have gone without- i have every album, love them all, and have finally gotten my Luna fix. I can only hope they keep coming back down here.. they played magnificently, as I remember from last century :)

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Did you know that Mission Of Burma (Yes, THE Mission Of Burma) is coming to the Echo Lounge in Atlanta in two weeks?

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