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Backyard Jungles

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Here are some recent pics of the backyard jungle here in Melbourne Beach, FL. Got some nice blooms this summer.. still need some more tikis out back :)

Post pics of your own backyard oasis- perhaps we can get a tiki landscaping thread goin.

rest of the pics are here: http://www.tiki-shirts.com/gallery/album43

That's my kind of jungle. Thanks for taking the time.
Pics soon.

Swanky posted on Wed, Aug 8, 2007 7:52 AM

Oh, sure. If you live in Florida! That's very nice. Way up here in Zone 6, tropical gardening is a bit harder!

A quick picture from a while ago. Just moved and the gardens started over this summer, with moving some things of course. Most of what is here is actually hardy and stays in the ground over winter. Golden Lotus Bananas, Trachycarpus Forunei palms, elephant ears, hostas, Gardenia. Everything is really taking off here in August. Some potted plants come in in winter and thrive. Some are dug up and winter inside and die back. The Blood Banana is nearly 5 feet tall now in its second year here and it died back in a pot in the basement over winter. The Musa Basjoo faired poorly oddly enough, outside. Only a foot tall and most died. Need to be better covered in the 14 degree winter time...

And a drought has meant the grass looks like crap. So, here's the "ugly" yard shot next to your great one to encourage more pictures!


yes, that is true- being in zone 10 makes things alot easier. Have you tried any of the cold hardy bamboos up there? I bet between some bamboo, some tree canopy and the kind of stuff you mentioned you are already working with, the various mulchable/protectable banana and alocasia/colocasia (elephant ear) you could get an insane jungle in zone 6.

There's a guy on ebay, goes by "aroidgrower" and he has alot of cool alocasias and colocasia that can take some cold

some of those caladiums can really get a lush look going in cold climates too- they just bust out of the ground once it warms up

Blood banana is a great one- doesnt get ridiculously big and the color of it is great. I'm suprised to hear that the basjoo gave you problems- probably just need to dump a pile of compost on it for the winter.. I've seen some of those way up north and they can get huge

Have you tried plumeria up there?

[ Edited by: fatuhiva 2007-08-08 08:24 ]

Pffft. Zone 6! I wish! You've got it easy! Try zone 3!
I had to make my palm tree.


fatuhiva: all I can say is WOW!

Luv all the tropicals right up on the edge of the pool - really nice!

Swanky posted on Wed, Aug 8, 2007 9:04 AM
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