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Cool OldSkool Florida Tiki Spotted- Cypress Gardens

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Here's some pics I've taken around various tropical Florida gardens.. check out the tiki I found tucked away in Cypress Gardens.. probably been there forever.



Thanks for the awesome picture! I hope the Tiki forever remains in what looks to be its indigenous environs. By the way, has anyone attended the Luau at Cypress Gardens? Details can be found here:

That has got to be one of the coolest Florida Tikis around....love the direction change on the faces. I may make a future project out of trying to carve a copy...anybody need one? I even have a pole right now that curves over just like it.

Looks like the luau at Cypress Gardens needs to be part of a future Tiki Central gathering. Mahalo for sharing.

its been forever since I've been to Silver Springs...does anyone remember if there was tiki stuff there? I've been wanting to go and see the scary silver spring wild monkeys again too.

seems like Weekee Watchee might have had stuff too...at least the mermaids might be worth seeing again for the kitsch value.

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That IS a great find, Fatuhiva.

He looks like he could be related to Lono from Tiki Gardens.


Cypress Gardens has a very vintage charm. The park people were looking kinda sideways at my wife and I, as we were about the only people in the place under 55 besides the employees.

I really liked the park, save for the animal zoo, which was cool in some parts (cool alligator area) but saddening in others (small enclosures for some animals with nothing but a concrete house and a dirt island with a mote around it)

A luau there could be a real time-warp.. definitely worth a look.

I tried to hit Silver springs once, but got stuck in endless traffic and had to bail out.. I hear that monkey thing is a poop-flinging wild ride..

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its gonna be a pretty cold luau if theyre holding it in jan/feb.. whats up witdat?

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