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King Kukulele's apartment complex is mentioned in the current L.A. Weekly:


Congrats D on the press. I'm busy with work but will be there soon to tear down that fence in the backyard.

Very Cool write up! I'm glad I got a chance to help last Saturday - just wish I took some pics! King, I'll be back again to help with other projects.

BTW - How did that wood floor come out?

Congrats Denny, what a great story. Now this just has to get picked up by the New York Times, complete with donation account number, and things will really move.

In the meantime, toil away oh T.C.ers: "Build it and they will come!"

Sorry I could not make it Saturday, I am in a mire of writing projects....

Denny is booked up on Saturday, but perhaps on Sunday there will be an opportunity to help out, I'll post later.

King says no Sunday work party.

What progress has come to The Lanai since we were there last?

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