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I discovered, in a roundabout way, that Chris Ranes, the woman who created and designed one of the great tiki fabric designs, passed away 4 months ago - 50 years after making the initial design.

I was visiting the website for melinamade fabrics, which was one of the first companies to reintroduce some of the classic atomic, boomerang, and tiki fabric patterns. I stepped on over to the News page, and found a link dedicated to 'Chris Ranes, Designer of Tiki' You can see her tiki fabric design, and a link to the page at http://www.melinamade.com/news.html

That page states that Chris Ranes is still alive, but a further click to view her current artwork gave the news that she died of cancer this past October 1st. Fortunately, she lived long enough to see the revival of some of her design work.


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