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Kon-Tiki Restaurant at the Hotel Norge, Hamburg, Germany (restaurant)

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Name: Kon-Tiki Restaurant at the Hotel Norge, Hamburg, 1960s
Type: restaurant
Street: Schaefferkampsallee 49
City: Hamburg
Zip: 20357
country: Germany
Phone: +49 40 44 11 50
Status: operational

This little gem will only be around til September 2007. When I revisited it a month ago I saw a container with construction trash outside, as sure sign of renovation. I talked to the assistant manager and he confirmed that the whole hotel is in the process of being "updated". What a shame.

The glass entrance doors:

Several posts have carved panels like the one in the foreground on the left:

...and in the background, the piece de resistance: A mosaic mural of the Kon-Tiki raft !

That carved Moai panel, and the plaster Kon-Tiki wall mask below are already spoken for, but that wonderful mosaic mural is going to get trashed, if nobody saves it!

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