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The Bali Hai and Humphrey's Half Moon Bay

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The Bali Hai

Humphreys Half Moon Bay

By chance do you have a picture of The Half Moon Bay's "raised amphitheater" that's about 50 feet from the pool? I had no idea that it was there until I walked to the other side of the pool. I could see King Kukulele, Crazy Al, The MaiKai Gents and The Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa, Cherry Capri and more up onstage.

I think that would be a great place for "San Diego Tiki Oasis" if one was ever organized in the future. It's walking (stumbling?) distance to the Bali Hai, and a nearby tour of Vacation & Shelter Island could be taken. Just a thought...

Great pics Al!

Al, great pics. We should setup another San Diego Tiki day and give Shelter Island a good walk-thru. Maybe sometime soon? I'll actually be in driving into SD on Friday 2/28 after work for a Richard Cheese show. Was planning on stopping by the Bali Hai for drinks prior to the show since it doesn't start until 9pm. Would be cool if you guys (or any other TC'ers) could join me!

The last couple of times I was down at Humphries They had a HUGE Tent set up right in front of the stage. So I didn't get any pictures. I think Humphries is the best place to see a show in San Diego. I would love to see Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies, King Kukulele, Tiki Bong's Smoking Menehunes, Crazy Al, The MaiKai Gents and The Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa perform at this venue.

The first Tiki Event I ever attended was Shelter Island. Sven walked us around Shelter Island and gave a lecture. Bosko was there with his documentary and we all had a great time. I'm so into another event down there. Cocktails at my place.

Pop, are you coming down the 5, want to meet at my place?.

Sure we can meet there - The Lagoon Room makes the best drinks in town! I usually get off work at 3pm so I could be at your place around 4pm. I was going to post a thing on this in Events when the date came closer. Hopefully, you and Shelly can come along to check out Mr. Cheese - he's a laugh riot and his show is very entertaining. It would be cool to meet some of the TC'ers in San Diego that night as well!

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Mrs S & myself would love to join the festivities! Give us a shout and (forbidding any unforeseen circumstances) we'll be there.

Very Cool! Maybe we can meet at Bali Hai for dinner/drinks before the show? I'll put something together in the Events forum sometime before the event. Lets try and get all the SD TC'ers out for this!

Hey yous guys, while we're planning our Humphrey's fantasy concert let's not leave out da local boys...Jose Sinatra & the Dante Infernos. They were like 1st on the S.D. lounge scene about four years ago when Jim Call was DJ / hosting lounge nite at the Hanalei on thursday nights (fez & smoking jacket optional, cocktail required). Jim is one of the San Diego O.G.s from the '79/'80 punk rock heyday...he played keyboards for the Penetrators.

I thought I would include the following with Alnshely's great pictures!

Bali Ha'i Virtual Tour.
Unfortunately it doesn't show the tikis as you enter the top of Bali Ha'i, but it's kind of cool to see what the view is like. In order to view it image you must have a Java enabled browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Explorer.



On 2003-02-01 18:41, Shipwreckjoey wrote:
......about four years ago when Jim Call was DJ / hosting lounge nite at the Hanalei on thursday nights (fez & smoking jacket optional, cocktail required)......

Hey guys, WHAT is the update on the future of the Hanalei? Last I heard there was a change of management and nobody seemed to know what to do with it, which is always scary.
Is anybody in S.D. monitoring it? Do we need to send an emissary with the B.O.T to convince them that they are the keepers of a great tradition, with the bridges over the stream, and the treasures of the Luau?


hey there BigBro ~ its still a Red Lion, we'll be staying there in a week, so i'll post if anything's changed since our last trip.


The restaurant is open again. They have no plans to close it (so they say). Dogbytes If you plan on coming north please feel free to stop in at the Lagoon Room for a cocktail. You can E me at [email protected] . Hope to see you

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