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NYC Mai Tais @ Shun Lee's Thursday 8/23/07

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NYC TCers will gather for Mai Tais at Shun Lees at 43 W 65th Street at 6:00 PM on Thursday, August 23. This place has the best Mai Tais in NYC. Hope to see you there.


[ Edited by: Urban Tiki 2007-08-19 08:45 ]

Birdgirl and I are in and looking forward to it. Thanks for posting the call to arms.

I'll be there.


I haven't met any fellow NYC TCers yet, and this sounds like a great opportunity...

I'm in. (I'll be the confused looking guy with the Mai Tai).


We'll try to come when I finish work at 6pm.
Just coming back from Tiki Oasis San Diego.

Kiki and David

I'm in. (I'll be the confused looking guy with the Mai Tai).

LOL. I'll be easy to spot -- in a SHAG hawaiian shirt. In fact, just wear something tiki-ish.

Nicole and I spoke with Lenore (Tikilicious) and Steve (just Steve I guess) over the weekend and they may be in for Thursday as well.

The bar may want to take an orgeat inventory before we get there.

Wait a minute, I thought I was going to be the confused looking guy with the mai tai...this could make things very confusing indeed.

See you all thursday


Sounds like a great way to start off the NETT!
D & I will pop in after work for a drink or two. I'll be the kooky redhead with the cute bald guy (it's ok, he knows he's bald.)

This should be F-U-N!

I'm already jonesing for a good mai tai!

I'm supposed to have dinner with friends at that time, but in case it gets canceled, and it might, I'll go.

Sounds like we'll have a good crowd on Thursday. The bar is right there wehre you enter and is usually pretty empty (most people are there for the restaurant), so we shouldn't have any trouble recognizing each other.

I'm a gonna try to get there.....
I want to taste this Mai tai - to compare to mine!

For those who were there - well they know. If you missed were gonna try it again.
so quit monkeying around and show up.
Yep the Mai tais were good and the bartender Tony rocked it!
thanks to all who made it...

nice bar and gathering

monkeys and tcers

I thought I turned the red eye off - bad monkey

more gathering

urbantiki tikicolector leisure master

stoopid monkeys

NYC tcers minus one, tripower and gal

just monkeying around behind the bar with Tony the bartenders permission

Tony the bartender prepping for another batch

is that a monkey in your ear - or - wait yep it is

whos' hat dat is?

just how we left it - neat and clean

it was light when I went in - Near Lincoln Center

faithfully submitted ~~~~~~

oh yeah.......that's why my head hurts this morning. damn earmonkeys.

OK, maybe the 17 mai tais had something to do with it too.

nice pictures Jack.

thanks all for the great time - its good to see there actually are NY ohana out there.


Great pictures, Jack- Thank you! It was great to meet the NYC TCers- I hope this is just the first of many NYC tiki events to come.

[i]Great pictures, Jack- Thank you! It was great to meet the NYC TCers- I hope this is just the first of many NYC tiki events to come.

I second that. Great meeting all of you!!

Don't forget --- Upcoming NYC surf guitar events:

Great people, great mai tai's and a gracious place that basically let us close them down for the night. We had a wonderful time.

I look forward to more NYC events and if I have any ideas I will post them here on TC.

Thanks for the pics Jack.

Aloha from the Big (Pine)Apple!

Kiki and David

Sorry this is so late, and we've mostly recovered from the NETT...

Thank you so much Urban Tiki for pulling this event together, and we're looking forward to the next one!


it will be 10 years to the day soon - come on by Shun Lee on August 23 and let's talk about how much younger we look now after 10 years of tiki in NYC!

Good thing you guys got a chance to go there before... the health department closed it!


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