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Coconut motel/hotel, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (motel)

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Name:Coconut motel/hotel
Street:7531 Rue Notre Dame Ouest
City:Trois-Rivières, Québec
Zip:G9B 1L7

The website for the motel: http://www.coconuthotelmotel.com/
The rooms themselves are not tiki-fied, though there is tiki on the exterior of the motel, with the main attraction being "the Coconut Bar" on the premises.

I thought I'd start this thred since I couldn't find anything official in the "locating tiki" section of TC about this place, AND I was just there a couple weeks ago so thought I'd update with a few photos to boot.

We did stay for one night, though really I live close enough that we should have just come and sampled the bar rather than spent the whole night. The rooms themselves are not tikified. I love the exterior of the motel. A lot of older signage has been replaced with some newer stuff, which is good and bad:

(some newer neon signs are not pictured...)

And there's a good tiki bar as well called the "coconut bar":

The exterior patio of the bar (we weren't there at night but I gather there's some kind of DJ thing on the weekends...probably worth taking a pass on---Quebecois dance music anyone?)

the drink menu:

Anything ordered off that particular menu came in an actual tiki mug. The other side of it was also chock full of cocktails as well, but those just came in regular cocktail glasses. I think I had a Kahlua Colada from the back side...not sure why I didn't think to sample the mai tai!

And I bought a t-shirt from the bar. (I'm lame like that!)

sorry, not sure if I should have done a seperate thread about the bar, but there you have it. I know I'm always hunting on here for ANY tiki to be found in Canada!

very interesting. thanks for the post!


My niece and her boyfriend took these pictures at the Coconut Motel last year.

They brought me a mug - the Dynasty Wholesale version of an Orchids of Hawaii R-74. They said it was a lot of trouble to get, so I guess they don't normally sell or give them away.

-Sweet Daddy T.
Because crap doesn't buy itself.

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A vintage Orchids mug used by the Coconut Motel:

And an older postcard with some close-ups of the tikis.

Very nice! That place is such a wonderful self-made and cared-for outpost of Polynesian pop! I bet it's still in the same family, wonder which of the great Tiki temples inspired them.


JOhn From MaiTai Online has this great video of the place...


Go to the "watch" page.

Looks like a good reason to visit the great white north to me.

Website too...


A Pic of the Bar

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Some great stuff, love that old postcard. Here is the newer postcard you can see the evolution of the place. Looks like a new freestanding tiki out front.


Zeta posted on Fri, Jan 22, 2010 8:12 PM

This thread is great! Mahalo everyone! I would like to know the complete story of why they did the bar.

This is from theor website:

Tiki Bar:
You won't need to take a plane to have a total expatriation in the Pacific Islands! You will be charmed by the tropical surroundings and the musical ambiance: salsa, merengue, rythmes afro-cubains, latins, acid jazz, reggae, soul, hip-hop, funk...

i'm adding more photos to this thread as well. we had a very enjoyable stay at motel coconut. we wish that they served some kind of puupuu platter to go with the booze, but so be it. the decor is phenomenal and it is clear that someone cares enough to keep it fresh and improved despite the regrettable inclusion of neon signs, television, video lottery, and inappropriate music. the drinks were all bacardi-based, but pleasant enough. the decor is the real star. if this place existed within an hour of my house i would go at least a couple times a month.

also please note that the building is a great example of a midcentury motel, above and beyond its tiki decor. it should appeal to tikiphiles and roadside fans alike.

with any more fanfare, here are the exterior shots; interior shots to follow.

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