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I was at my local Spencer Gifts... I never go in there... I consider it a pretty tacky store... anyhow, I was looking for those plasma lightning moais someone mentioned recently... I actually didn't like them, butttttt....

I found this on sale for $5... they are badly painted for blacklights, but I'm going to get some good paint to make it look faux stone... I tried a tealight inside it and in a dark room it worked alright. They are made with the eyes and mouth and ears open so that incense comes out...

not a great find, but woth some work will be a decent addition to the tiki lounge...


definately a good find for $5! Done any surfing lately or is it just too cold?

Bong... mostly snowboarding... it has been single digits on and off here and a lot of ice has piled up on the beaches and in the shallows... now we are back into El Nino pattern and its in the 30's... surfed for a bit in December, but now its just on the snow...

Looks like a decent winter of surf lately for you guys...


somone brought me a neon green one for a party favor, they rock. insense so works with the tiki atmosphere...


I got one for Christmas. It sits on the bar proudly defusing the smell of cigarettes.

I like anything orange.
I actually have a black plaster (brushed with blacklite paint) Moai (vintage) with the lower lip jutting out to hold an incense cone...

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Hmmm... smuggle a few spray cans of Day-Glo out to Rapa... :down:

"The rum's the thing..."

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I thought I would migrate my photo over to this thread. I didn't get the bottom piece but that's ok, it's still a neat looking moai. So I guess 3 color versions were produced?

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