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Has anyone been to this LA bar? It is fantastic!

Been there plenty o'times. Great bar, great drinks, great vibe. Lots of fun.

It is the basis of all Tiki learning, a time warp of Tiki tradition, the black hole to travel back in time to the origins of Polynesian Pop, a macrocosm of Polynesia Americana, a tropical oasis in the urban desert of Los Angeles, and the last watering hole to taste the nectar of authentic Polynesian cocktail mixology.
And it's good to be able to check their opening days at http://home.att.net/~bruingm/tiki-ti.html

Tiki Ti is the place to be on Thursday, June 13! I know of a few Tiki Centralites heading over there between 6:30 and 7:00. Come and join us for a 151 Swizzle, Bayanihan, Penang, Ray's Mistake, Sumatra Kula, Anting Anting, Top Secret.....
The more the merrier, plus any extra support while stumbing out the door is always appreciated! Post here or send me an e-mail to know if we should save you a seat. [email protected]
Remember "Superb in taste sensation is the key."

-Weird Uncle Tiki

A fine idea, Unc. I hope the Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa will be put in an appearance.

No one ever knows where and when The Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa will appear. That's part of her mystique! I'll see if I can get her and her pu'ulu(group) over there.

-Weird Unc

You mean she has a "Pu'ulu posse"?


Just in case anyone's planning an outing here, they're on vacation and will reopen Sept. 11. Uga Booga!


Get your hot-buttered rum, tonight only! Yes, for just two nights this year(last night Mike began serving 'em) you'll have the chance to quaff what may be one of the finest hot-spiced beverages your tipplin' tongue has ever touched. Tiki Ti's hot-buttered rum is a seasonal specialty and this year the season is only two nights long! Don't miss out! Mmmmmm......gooooood.

-Weird Uncle Tiki

I guess I should give this place another try.
Honestly, they served me the worst mixed drink I have ever tasted.

Tiki Riviera,

I thought you were El Norte now?

"the worst drink I ever tasted"!!!!, hold me back before I blast this guy!.The only so-so drink in the joint is their blue hawaiian, and it is better than most anything found within fifty miles!.I predict a padlock within 6 posts......


Blast away!

So...what was that "worst drink"?


Hit the tiki-ti last night, nothing like a Ray's mistake to help unwind after a long week. Mike is still making the hot buttered rums up till X-mas (through tonight). Get em while you can, oftly tasty.

yo bong, quit instigating!!!!.

I ordered a zombie there once I think - they had to carry me out!

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