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Tiki? on Trading Spaces

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Tonight on Trading Spaces they tried to redo a bedroom into a retro tiki-esk feel. Not a Tiki's to be found in the new and improved room. Kinda dissapointing :( I did spot a few Tiki Farm mugs on some shelves, so I did get a little thrilly thrill! Over all, not to Tiki. :tiki:


Saw the quick shot of the mugs near the end. Would have been great to see a big carving in there too.



It seems to me that the term "Tiki" can be used in the vaguest of ways. The make over room was nice, but certainly not Tiki. The only Tiki's were the mugs. Just because they used grass mats in the headboard or bamboo curtains does that make it Tiki?


it makes it "aloha" as in pottery barn style

I saw this episode too.....looked more like bad 70's motel than tiki to me!

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