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GECKO posted on Mon, Feb 3, 2003 9:11 AM

Is their any story behind this great lookin' chair on ebay?


Hey cuz. This chair is really cool, I have actually sat in it. The description is right on too. The folks selling it were nice also.

GECKO posted on Mon, Feb 3, 2003 11:34 AM

Chiki, how far is the shop from Oceanside or Temecula?

Just wen I thought I seen it all from witco...Boom! as John Madden would say.
Sumting li'dat is fo sho on the holy grail list! he created all kinds of stuff!!

Now this chair is gettin me inpatient[sp?] wit da Witco book braddah Sven! No estimated time frame? you killin me!

Personally I think this chair is ugly as sin! I like a lot of Witco stuff, but some pushes the line of being too tacky (and in this case, expensive!!) It will be interesting to see how high it goes considering it still has over 3 days left.


I was at the Starlight Room a few weeks ago and I checked the chair out, too! It's quite impressive (and EXTREMELY heavy!) You can't really tell from the pix all that well, but the back is "V"-shaped - not flat or curved. That's why the upholstery up the back is only about 4 inches wide. When I sat in it, I noticed it creates a weird effect: when you talk, your voice actually echoes/reverbs off of the sides of the chair - kinda trippy... They were asking $300 for it when I was there, but the "Throne" is not really to my liking either. However, I am curious to see what it'll end up going for...

BTW - Jason & Catherine run a great place - lots o' vintage mugs n'stuff at NON eBay prices!

GECKO posted on Mon, Feb 3, 2003 5:40 PM

Being to tacky is what makes this a master piece in my eyes! To each is own ya! I have seen stuff I don't like too.

I guess I look at it da way I do cuz I sit around a lot wondering what I can do different to out do myself with my own art so, I know Mr.WH
was sitting in his shop 30-40 years ago brainstorming and came out with dis crazy a$$ shhhhh!

I think the man was very creative and that's why his works are being repro by his grandson inlaw who does a great job, not to mention da kine...Bosko, even a few of my pieces. In order to make it in da art world you gotta have some imagination[sp?] no matter how crazy da idea ya! if da artist likes it, den do um!

Sum peopo gon like em and sum not. no worries! I raise my tiki mug up to dis chair as a work of art!

Doctor Z saw this WITCO item in a store and DIDN'T share the knowledge?!?!


Oh what has become of this family?


Witco transcends the terms ugly and beautiful.....to become "unique"!

Soon it will be a term in it's own right, like if you see an item of particularily whacky and stylistically doubtful design:
"Well, I think it's zazz!"
"Oh, I don't know, it's a little too witco for me!"
"Yeah, and my wife will say it's klez..."

I am gonna see if I can photgraph this thingy, I have it in a catalog, but even nicer, I have Bill's original sketch for it, so it will definitely be in the book...

Gecko, this place is about an hour+ from Oceanside. I believe they have a website.


Shag must have designed it, it's got his name in the title.

shakespeare likes witco

Where the heck is that?!

the renaissance festival in crownsville, maryland :D

Shakespeare has good taste!

On 2007-11-15 19:12, TIKIBOSKO wrote:
Shakespeare has good taste!

He's got a Ming vase, tomato paste, but one thing that he'll have to face...and that's good taste.

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