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[ Edited by: Tiki Tom on 2003-02-04 18:25 ]


Another tiki carver!....... lots to go around this days! just like back in the Sixties and those days of ol'!

I love the 'living tree tiki'... I reminds me of one of my first tiki inspirations of my childhood.... Sometime in the early to mid seventies some carved a face into a palm near ASU, Tempe AZ. I was driven past it every time I went across the SaltRiver Bridge, on the way to my Grandparent's place..... You should carve one of these on a road side so 30 years from now the Third Generation of TikiCarvers will soldier on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as far as your X-partner... get used to it... the 'Mai Tiki' Master as been having assistants split for years to start there own shops... and now his style is being reprodused in Pacific... Bali/Philippines......... couldn't help but see his influence in your shop as well.

good luck
Live Long and Tiki!

7TiKiS posted on Mon, Feb 3, 2003 6:55 PM

Nice work Tiki Tom, I really like the rounded edges on most of the surfaces you are using, interesting effect.

Are you painting or staining the surfaces ?


[ Edited by: Tiki Tom on 2003-02-04 18:26 ]


Sorry if this pisses you off, but does the world really need another MaiTiki?

There's enough of these goofy-looking things as it is- it's like being in a looney tunes or something.. you obviously have the carving skills, you just need to look at some other styles like Milan Guanko or Barney West- also Leroy Schmaltz- great styles that you don't see so much of these days, and in my opinion, alot cooler that the "jimmy carter" style. Get the BOT and study the carver's section, then go from there. Leave the Buffet look alone, the whole state of Florida's got that covered.

Sorry bout the frankness, but somebody''s gotta say it-

Over and Out.

[ Edited by: fatuhiva on 2003-02-03 23:39 ]


BTW- Al I know the tiki you are talking about.. I think. Was it on University in front of some big old house?

If so, they knocked that whole place down- including the tiki i believe


[ Edited by: Tiki Tom on 2003-02-04 18:29 ]


I'm not critiqueing your skills, but rather your style- you may want to consider looking at some of the guys mentioned above and absorb more of the early California look rather than the 80's Florida look- I say this because there's a million carvers doing the "jimmy walker" style right now and almost nobody doing the bitchin (1000 times cooler) milan guanko style..

[ Edited by: fatuhiva on 2003-02-04 04:47 ]


Hey Fat2hiva,
Maybe you should stick to naked pictures.
Tom got smile on face.
That's enough for me.
Carve Tom Carve

I think Fatuhiva is just expressing what some of us are afraid to say. I personally don't like the Jimmy Carter (Florida) style either. It's too Jimmy Buffet for me. I prefer the more traditional Hawaiian, Marquesan, Easter Island and other South Pacific styles.

However, along this note, others may prefer just the opposite and in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with that. Different styles add to the diversity of carvings available to us enthusiasts.

Again, to each his own right? We can't all like the same style. It's just not possible. And even if it was, how boring would that be?


Hey check it out! Tom has taken the graphic shallow carving of the Great Bosko and added “Mai Tiki” faces.... Ingenious! His already made more money carving tiki then I’ve ever dreamed of. If you’re into sucking saw dust... I say GO TOM GO! you rock.

There is another S.Cal carver, another tree trimmer now tiki carver (Dana Point / Whittier), that has taken the graphic nature of my mouths and added MaiTiki Teeth! Goes by “TikiKing” (imagine that). I couldn’t believe how much money he said he made carving tikis. Makes me not want to be such a lazy, primmadanna, art freak. I could use the money.

For the record this ‘TikiKing’ is a second generation ‘Crazy AL’ tiki carver. He started carving tikis after he hired another tree trimmer that was carving tikis. This other tree trimmer ‘Jeff’ started carving tikis after he found me snagging his cut down logs off the street. His question to me was, “ you carve tikis? And sell them?” Jeff is quite a character, just ask BaxDog. I hope to document Jeff’s tikis some day. He started off with very unique creations and soon succumbed to a more generic style.


[ Edited by: Tiki Tom on 2003-02-04 18:30 ]

I'm confused... (I did look at the tikis and the guy can carve well but I'm with you on the creative factor). Are the infantile pervert internet troll who started the "Tiki Tom Tiki Prices" post and the guy who is actually carving the tikis the same guy or was the first some other guy posing as the tiki carver to make him look bad? I sort of lit into him with the knucks on the other post but was assuming it was the infantile pervert I was picking on. I don't routinely pick on other carvers...we all have razor sharp chisels and various other "jaws of life" to free tikis from their wooden prisons. It'd just be a big mess. Crazy Al...I'm with you. Quality has priority over quantity. Everytime. I think it was in an earlier post that the Zenmaster Leroy Schmaltz was quoted as saying "Patience is the tiki carver's greatest attribute". (Insert Bhuddist monk chant...uuuuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) :)

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-02-04 11:57 ]



[ Edited by: Tiki Tom on 2003-02-04 18:30 ]


[ Edited by: Tiki Tom on 2003-02-04 18:31 ]

I was being nice, buddy, and giving you the benefit of the doubt for NOT being the same individual that posted in your name before with all the psychotic penis references. I see now we do in fact have the same fellow. Go enjoy. I'm over and out. GUYS AND GALS...DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.

aquarj posted on Tue, Feb 4, 2003 1:13 PM

Tiki Tom said:

My biggest worry is if my wood is a little dryer than yesterday. It usually is, cuz I live where I live and it rarely rains. I also wear shorts to work.

TT, I think that may be your problem. Perhaps if you wore some quality gabardine slacks instead of shorts, your "wood" wouldn't be getting so dry.



this is what makes TC worth checking out every now and then...I think all you guys should meet up some place in tha west coast maybe inside oceanic arts,and beat the shit outta each other and post pics for us who live in the east side of things. oh and not all florida carvers imitate wayne coombs I live here I know..kreepy tiki jaksin "tikis pachucadas, & pendejadas worldwide"



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