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Fijian Inn, Calgary Alberta, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:Fijian Inn
Street:2911-14th Street S.W.
City:Calgary Alberta

Me & Gary B (Tiki A. Moaikingbird) think we have come upon a hitherto undocumented Polynesian restaurant in Calgary. Gary recently received a swizzlestick from the Fijian Inn with the address above printed on it. I did some initial research in business directories and determined that the dates it was in operation were from 1970 or 1971 to 1983 or thereabouts. I have yet to check telephone directories for displays ads. Internet searches turn up nothing. Google maps shows the location to currently be a florist shop. Gary will post a pic of the swizzlestick. Anyone know anything about this place?


Hey SweetDaddyTiki, don't know anything about this place. Sounds like it could be a cool search for yah. The early eighty's wasn't too long ago so maybe you can track down the original owners. See if you can get the name from a business license search for those years.
That's how I managed to track some info. on that Tropic Isle search I am still doing. Seems like there are a few places that were once scattered around that there is no information readily available. I haven't been able to luck out and find anything on the Internet about any of these places so it's good old hard, time consuming, wife yelling detective work!!

Keep it coming!! TabooDan

Sweet Daddy Tiki did you ever find anything more on this place? Almost wish I did not read the thread. Now I want to research it. Ha ha

Hey K-kid, the only info I can add is these two pictures of that address today. Whether it is the same building as when it was the Fijian Inn I have no idea.

I never seem to have enough time when I'm in Calgary to do research at the library or city archives. I think this is definitely a project you could take on.

Pages: 1 3 replies