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Glenlani Tiki, Los Angeles, CA (apartments)

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Name:Glenlani Tiki
Street:1622 S Beverly Glen Blvd
City:Los Angeles

Tiki Apartment Building which can be seen in Lesley Marlene Siegel’s Tiki Collage featured in Tiki Art Now and page 70 of Sven A Kirsten's Tiki Modern.

[ Edited by: Bora Boris 2008-05-04 20:44 ]


Humuhumu told me about this place a while ago and I finally made it over there and found it. It’s weird I drive down Beverly Glen quite often and have never noticed it. Probably because Beverly Glen is curvy and everyone is always going way too fast.

The images in the lobby look like they belong in a Greek Restaurant instead of a Tiki Apartment Building.

Lobby looking out to Beverly Glen.

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Great find!

Have to wonder about the greek stuff though. Maybe you could (if you have the time) a little historical research on the place. Start with old phone books at the library. See what it was originally. .

Wesley Horton


I went back today and got a shot of the Tiki without tree branch shadows in his face. He’s a cool Tiki.

I live down the street from this place, so I thought why not add some more pictures.


That Tiki looks scared shitless! What horrible event did this poor Tiki witness?!

On 2008-05-28 17:30, beadtiki wrote:
That Tiki looks scared shitless! What horrible event did this poor Tiki witness?!

All the great tiki restaurants and bars in Los Angeles getting turned into crappy strip malls.....


Good answer!


That was his last expression before they sprayed him with white paint and froze him solid...


They should rename the place "Tiki in the Headlights"

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