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And you thought YOUR parents were cool...

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I've been wanting to post these for some time.

People often ask me why I am the way I am. Why the tiki fetish?

Well, I tell them, there is a good explanation for that...And a picture says 1000 words...

My father:

(I actually have one of him as an adult wearing a similar skirt with coconuts to cover his man-breasts. You can bet that when I find it, it WILL be posted.)

And my mother:

It's no wonder I'm so screwed up, hu?
Well, at least it explains some things.



That's just too funny!
One question. In the picture of your father, what is that 55 gallon drum by the back steps?



Caber, originally I thought it was a bar-b-que too, but I confirmed tonight that the 55 gallon drum next to the house was actually an oil drum that was used to heat the house.

Learn something new every day, I guess.


Did your Dad grow up in Ohio?
I know here in CT we go through that much oil in about a day.


It aint much better in Ohio. Must be somewhere in the south where heat is rarely needed. lol

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