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polynesian drinks on T.V.

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the show Top 5 on Food Network,just aired top 5 food fads of the 50s and Polynesian drinks got #4,they showed footage of what I believe is the Trader Vics outside S.F.,and another tiki bar in the city.But I live in Georgia so I am not sure...cool little history lesson for the masses...

You live in Hotlanta? Damn, you're only two hours down 441 from me and Mrs. Kahuna. We were checking out your fine mug collection when you put the pics of your place up a while back. We should get together at Vic's or here in the Fabulous Kon Tiki Paradise Room sometime! https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1906&forum=1

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-02-03 21:49 ]

Dang It!!!
I got all excited when I heard about this new, exciting Tiki Bar in the region for the first time, but... The Kon Tiki Paradise Room is an ULTRA Private Club, right?
Awsome lookin' place, though.

[ Edited by: Traitor Vic on 2003-02-03 22:11 ]

Absolutely...available at the owner's discretion to Tiki Central members only....so looks like you're in! When 'ya comin?

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-02-04 02:52 ]

My boyfriend and I live in Alabama, but he is from Atlanta and his parents live in North Georgia (I think he posted to you about this BK). Maybe we can all get together sometime. Nice basement by the way! We have just finished our bar and plan to post pics of it soon.

Basement Kahuna,you must have me mixed up with someone else 'cause I havent posted pictures of my tiki and moai collections on
here,but you have it going on!!!Let me know the next time you head down to the ATL. and we can have a drink at T. Vics and you can come check out my collection and we can talk tiki!!

Thanks, Tikiluv! Anytime you're up on 441 (1 1/2 hours past Gwinett) in our neck of the woods let us know and we'll have you over and get you all sauced up :)

We gotta get down that way soon, BK. My Wife has Never Been to a Trader Vic's in her Life, so an Atlanta run may come first. Anyway... I'll be around and I'll hit you up for a visit soon. Can't wait to see the collection.
BTW... Where can you go to buy Tiki in Atlanta? I think I saw a pic, on the Hukilau 2002 site, of some folks from Junkman's Daughter sittin' 'round with some Tiki Farm mugs. I grabbed a couple of candles from some other little shop down in Lil' 5 Points a few months back. Are there any other spots that you know of?

Hey Traitor Vic,when you are in Atlanta check out Junkmans Daughter I am the gift buyer there and I am always hunting and searching for tiki items,all new school...but around the corner is the Blue Orchid Room on Euclid Avenue and they have great vintage hawaiian clothes and tiki stuff
Also just heard of a new tiki bar in Atlanta,look out for Boom Boom Room on Crescent Avenue...

Wow guys, was my post invisible or something? Talk about a friendly bunch of people....

Absolutely we should all get together, Waikiki. I think we all like home tikiroom shots as well.

Yes We Do! Can't wait to see 'em. Can't wait to post my own, too, but that could be YEARS down the road...

Waikiki, where in North Georgia do your in-laws live? We are in Clayton, just as you get into the mountains..

They aren't inlaws yet...one day. They live up in Cornelia on the river. I don't think it is very far from where you live, but I'm not that familiar with the area. I know when we went tiki hunting around the area we didn't travel too far, and I remember going to some shops in Clayton. We didn't have a lot of luck that day though...not a single tiki mug. Do you have better luck in that area? I have never been to Trader Vic's in Atlanta and want to go soon...maybe we could get together for that sometime with whoever else is in the area!

This is starting to sound like a Plan! Woo-hoo!!! Trader Vic's has got to be a good Central Meeting Point for a whole pile of us.
Somebody be sure to keep me in the loop on this, please.
Then again... You guys could come on up to Greenville and we could go to Tiki Bob's!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Hawaiian Punch and Grain Alchohol!!! What a lovely and exotic mix!

[ Edited by: Traitor Vic on 2003-02-08 00:24 ]

Looks like Swanky and Kiliki are coming by for cocktails, Kahiki potstickers, and a tour tomorrow (Sat.)..That should be tons of fun!

P.S. Tiki snobs stay away from the horror of tiki Bob's....

Ooh! Tell them folks I say "Howdy!" Hope ya'll have a whole bunch of fun! Tell me somethin', BK... How far are you from Lake Rabun?

About 7 minutes!

LOL! Thought so. Very nice. We have friends with a place on the lake. We'll have to try to come down this spring, if not before.

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