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Tiki Island, Medford, MA (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki Island
Street:269 Middlesex Ave.
Phone:(781) 391-0477

Sino-Polynesian Restaurant with exotic cocktails.


Big Tiki outside:


Dig those crazy tikis!

Balinese-looking tikis may be vampires too.

Identical tikis with different paint jobs.

The food was great. I can't remember what I got--Bum Go Chicken or something--it was first rate. I got a drink called the Tiki Tiki which was dreadful but I think Carl and Kate liked their drinks. The place does sell some Dynasty Mugs (I think the brown headhunter, the generic tiki one (you know the one I mean) and the Fu Manchu. I wanted to talk to the owners and get their story but after a GRUELING 90 minutes whipping around Medford, lost, in a two-car convoy, trying to find Middlesex Ave. (&^#^@ Mapquest...), I just didn't have the time nor inclination. This place is the sister restaurant of the Tiki Ports in Hyannis.

You should go if you can find it.

Was it only 90 minutes? I think we were lost longer than that! :)

They also sold two styles of Hawaiian Shirts at the counter with the mugs!

And they had two mugs they gave away with drinks, but they were those all while Budha type ones if I remember correctly.

Our drinks DID come in Tiki mugs though, which was nice.

Thanks for inviting us pappy, even with the long drive and being lost, we had a blast!


My wife went into heart failure in that place about 15 years ago. Fortunately, her great docs fixed the problem shortly thereafter.


I'm going to try and visit next week: Their link has a picture of mugs available with different drinks.


Otto posted on Sat, Nov 28, 2015 3:22 PM

Can anyone confirm the status of this place as of December 2015?
Looks like they have removed all Tikis from facade and interior and now only the wall mural remains and maybe a few hanging lamps?

The link in post above to their cocktails page does not work and their email address on their website does not work.
Looks like their current site is done by a third party.

Gone is the Palm-Tree-with-sitting-hula-girl graphic and it is replaced with a graphic of a wok (unappetizing I might add)

Their Facebook page (above) says the follow, which does not bode well for tropical drinks!?!
Did you know that in traditional Chinese culture cold drinks are thought to be harmful or disruptive to digestion, especially when served with a hot meal? The most popular beverage served is hot tea, which is thought to aid in digestion.

I'll try to stick my head in, as soon as possible.

That's a shame, from your pics it looks like it has gone the way of many classic restaurants that have replaced their tiki with blank white decor that ends up looking like you're dining in a funeral parlor. Not sure why that is the current trend of Chinese restaurants, but it's happened to all the good places around MA...

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