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Conley Motor Lodge PA. Help?

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I'm hoping any Pennsylvania TC folks my be able to help me out on this. I think this is the right place but here goes the story. Just trying to get a little history about the place. About eighteen years ago I stayed at Conley Motor Lodge. I seem to remember it was off Rt. 22. TRT puts it off of RT. 30 in Irwin. Anyway pulled into the place about midnight ,checked in and went to the room. I wanted a drink so went to find a vending machine. On my search I could hear water running and rounded a corner to find a HUGE and I mean Huge open area under a giant sliding dome. Big waterfall, water slide, mini golf course, and best of all a tiki bar. The next day I went down to the to check it out. A couple of big carved tikis were near the bar which was under a thatch hut if Iremember right. I think they had gas torches as well. The "bartender" was a very board looking young woman reading a book. My two co-workers and I were the only ones in the bar. One evening they had a Polynesian review in a fake grass area near the bar with dancers and torches. A couple of weeks into my stay they closed the tiki bar under the dome down ( for the season?) and opened a tiny bar in the front of the motel that was done up like a bad Irish pub.The strange thing was that the doors behind the bar and going back into i think the lobby were very impressive. Big heavy carved tikis on the doors. I think the one behind the bar was a KU. So at one time this must have had Polynesian decor as well. It was a long time ago and my memory maybe bad due to all the booze we drank during our stay. Does anyone know of this place? Is it long gone ? What happened to the decor? Any photo's. Thanks for the help. Sorry for the rambling memeory trip.

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