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eBay: VANTIKI Stone God #1 handbuilt Tiki Mug

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Aloha folks!

Happy to announce a new handbuilt ceramic Tiki Mug has found it's way from VanTiki island to the shores of eBay!

Have you ever gazed upon a mug so large? Surely this ancient deity held enough potent spirits to intoxicate an entire village! A whopping foot tall! You better hit the gym before picking up this angry god :) As always, a one-of-a-kind mug entirely handmade by me in Hawaii. Kicking it off at $75. More info on my website and the auction page.

ebay link:

VanTiki site page:

Mahalo for looking and good luck bidding!

[ Edited by: VanTiki 2007-10-12 11:18 ]


It's got the look of an English castle that's been possessed by some tiki spirit! How that would ever happen I don't know, but...

Keep creating these monsters VanTiki, surely the most imaginative tiki mugs around? If only ever get to just look at them, that'll have to be good enough! I'm sure this 'bad boy' will do well for you!

All the Best from Tiki Towers - Trader Jim (Make mine a Mai-Tai!).


Aloha Folks!

This is your Official Two Days Left warning! Auction ends Saturday -

Mahalo and good luck bidding!

Henrik "VanTiki"


ssshck ~ "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your auction speaking. At this time we will be ending in 23 hours and four minutes. Please enjoy bidding and have a relaxing flight. Mahalo" ~ shhh click!

Stone God #1

Just updating the missing/broken photo. :)

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